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Friday, June 3, 2011

Take Me With You?

Tonight, the suitcase came out so we could pack Gloria's things for a few weeks at "Camp Maggie Hada."  Aside from the fact that some of her laundry was still in the dryer, we had a bit of a challenge on our hands...There just didn't seem to be enough room in her suitcase.  It seems that Screamer has plans of his own.

Say it isn't so!  Please don't go!
Who will feed me?  Who will play feather toy with me?   Who will curl up with me in bed?
Who will feed my birds?  Who will open the blinds just the way I like them?

Well, if you have to go...I'll just go with you.
Be sure to pack my food and water dishes!
Oh, and the feather toy!  Don't forget the feather toy!
Sorry, buddy.  You're stuck with Momma for a few weeks.  But don't worry, your girl will be back!

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