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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Amazing, Marvelous, and Delectable!


Those were Gloria's words after we tried this...

for the first time this afternoon.

It's fairly new.  I think it opened while Gloria was at "Camp Maggie-Hada" last month and she had been wanting to try it.  I figured it would be a refreshing break on a sultry summer afternoon after she had so patiently waited for me to try on a bajillion multiple pairs of glasses frames in a quest for just the right ones for my new bifocals transition lenses.  Needless to say, she was most pleased with our final stop of the afternoon!  And then she was downright joyful when she saw that green circle in the lower left hand corner of this next picture.

Gluten free!

They had about a dozen choices of flavors and every topping you could think of from candies to nuts to fruit to different syrups and sauces.  I think she had some concoction of cake batter and cookies-n-cream topped with white chocolate and dark chocolate chips, strawberries, and chocolate syrup.  

I wasn't really in the mood for anything, so I just watched Gloria enjoy her treat.
And told her about an ice cream place we used to go to when I was growing up--
where I always got watermelon sherbet
I went in there.
It was 
*the best e-ver!*

So I decided to sample their watermelon frozen whatever it was. (It wasn't yogurt, and the sign said it was non-dairy, which is a good thing in my life.)

Let's just say that little tiny sample???
Turned into this...


No toppings needed.

(Besides....what would have tasted good with watermelon???)

See those little fingers trying to steal my frozen watermelon delight?!?

They were NOT successful!

I think I see more trips to Sweet Frog in our future!
And, because I haven't talked to them today (Gloria left them a message on their answering machine...)



Paula said...

Looks and sounds delicious! I love fruity yogurt/icecream/frozen delights! : )

Single Mama said...

Looks yummy - I'm jealous :)

Marti said...

I wish we had Sweet Frog here. Sound like it is right up my alley--what is the sugar content?

Cedar said...

These are beautiful pictures. The pink and green really work for your daughter--she is beautiful!

Melissa said...

I love froyo places! I went to one yesterday with my sis and our kids called High Five. I know exactly what you mean about writing the date on the board. I have no idea what today is and aam enjoying these summer days. Stopping by from Jenna's challenge.

Jenna said...

Oh that sounds SO good! I love frozen yogurt!

Kerry said...

Hi! Stopping by from Jenna's challenge...thanks for commenting on my blog :) Those colours pink and green go so nice together don't they? Sounds yum! Glad you gave in and had some :)