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Friday, July 22, 2011

Are You Ready for Some Football?

***Warning:  These are iPhone pictures, so not terribly great.  Not that any of my pictures are...I need a better camera than my little point and shoot!  At least that's my story!  And I'm stickin' to it!***

In this case...not "American" was a soccer game.

We're having days that are hotter than blue blazes and we headed off to a soccer game late this afternoon when it was still a toasty 97 degrees.  And the humidity...well, it was something fierce too.

Before heading to the game
We caught the end of the women's game.  Unfortunately, the Lady Eagles lost.  The girls are somewhere out in that group, joining the team for a post-game prayer.  It made Gloria's day that one of her coaches from last week's soccer camp (who is also a player on the team) recognized her and was talking to her after the prayer.  Thanks, Coach Stinky Feet!

Coming back to the stands.  (I'm so glad to finally see some confidence developing so that she will venture out to do something like this without me accompanying her!)
Like I said, it was extremely hot, so our cold water was more like room temperature water before we could drink it!

We can never go to a game without adding a bracelet (or two) to her collection!  And she got her friend started on them today!

We gave up at half-time of the men's game and headed for home, popsicles, and air conditioning.

But I think they enjoyed themselves, don't you?

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