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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bare Faced and Other Tuesday Tales

My days are all messed up.  Being out of school for the summer will do that to a teacher, ya' know!  I mean, I'm not writing the day and date on the board every morning, so I just can't keep 'em straight right now!

Tale One:
Gloria wanted to go swimming as soon as she got up this morning.  I had to hold her off until after 10:00 when the pool was open.  We were the only ones there this morning so she had the pool all to herself.  She enjoyed swimming and diving for her sinkies.  I enjoyed watching her and a phone conversation with my mom.

Tale Two:
We went to the library this afternoon.  My little bookworm reads constantly.  I mean *all* *the* *time*!!  And if she doesn't have anything new to read, she just rereads her old favorites.  She loves, loves, loves to read and really immerses herself into the stories.  The hard thing is finding books with age appropriate content that match her advanced reading level.  She's beyond what the majority of my students read, so I'm not familiar with everything out there, not to mention how much new reading material is out there.  Any suggestions for an 8 year old reader?

Tale Three:
Walking through Target after the library trip, Gloria looks at me and exclaims "Momma!  You didn't put on any make-up today!  Your face is totally bare!"  This was not exactly said in a quiet voice.  I agreed with her as the lady walking past us giggled.  And then "I like you better when you aren't bare faced, Momma."  Gee, thanks babe...

Tale Four:
She dragged out "Heigh Ho, Cherry-O" this afternoon for us to play.  Do you know how long that game takes to play?  And I lost.

Tale Five:
We have a deer that has decided to graze in our bird feeder.  It joins the several cardinal families, Bandit the raccoon, Jumpy Squirrel, and the oversized doves.  But why is the deer eating bird seed?  Anyway, this afternoon, it arrived again.  This was the first time Screamer saw the deer and boy was he agitated!  Tail bushed up and twitching and meowing the strangest meow I've ever heard from him!  Hannah was just on high alert.  I wish I could have taken a picture of Gloria and the two cats looking out the window at the deer.  Unfortunately, my camera battery was dead.  For several minutes, it was a staring contest between the deer on the outside and the other three on the inside.


Sarah said...

Gotta love the things that come out of childrens' mouths! ;) Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! Gloria looks like such a sweet girl - I'm sure you are one proud mama!

Jessica said...

Hi! I'm stopping by from Jenna's blog.

Everyone keeps talking about frozen yogurt places. I've got to find one and go. Everyone always says it's so delicious! Glad you girls had fun!! Gloria is so cute.

Karen said...

Love the bare face comment! It's up there with the "did you know you have grey hair under your yellow hair ?" question of a few weeks ago - thanks kids for making us feel good about ourselves!

How awesome that she is a reader - yeah Gloria!!!!!!!!

Cedar said...

We have the same difficulty in finding books. Have you tried the 39 clues books? They have a lot of action, but are also full of history as they travel around the world looking for clues. My sons won't read the American Girl series, but there are a lot of them (or are they too easy now?) I always liked the Mandie series, too, but my older boy said they talked too much about emotion. Trixie Belden's are our current favorites--mysteries so maybe a little scary, but my 7 year old thinks they are great--they reprinted the first 15 in the last few years so libraries should carry them.

Cory said...

I think Ann of Green Gables, or the Little House on the Prarie books are good. My daghter loves those books, and she is 7. She is not an "advanced" reader :), but whatever word she can't make out I help her with, and she seems to comprehend what is going on.