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Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Hurricane Was at My House Today

No, it wasn't Irene.

It was Hurricane Prunella.

She strikes without warning and leaves a path of destruction in her wake.

The day started out bright and sunny.  We went to church...
where she practiced her new-learned cursive skills during the sermon.

There's only so much one can write with the letters a, c, d, g, and h.  ;)

We came home for lunch before heading out to pick up a birthday present and go get robbed do some grocery shopping.  All was calm until after we got home.

That is when I dared make a completely unreasonable request.  I mean, it was just terrible!  Simply awful.  Something no momma should ever ask of her child!  You want to guess what I asked her to do?

How about "put your laundry away."

Yep.  That was my request.
She knew she had to do it.
I asked her to do it last night.
I reminded her this morning.
I even reminded her when we were on the way home from the grocery store that it still needed to be done.

It was folded.
It was on the foot of her bed.
It was ready to be put away.
It just needed to actually be put away and/or hung up in her closet.

And that is when Hurricane Prunella came storming in.

There was much wailing and ranting, foot stomping and gnashing of teeth.  It wasn't pretty.  It was a tantrum of epic proportions.  The girl's got a temper, that's for sure.

Two hours later, she has finally worn herself out and is sound asleep in her bed...

with her trusty cat keeping watch...

And I am left to recover from the storm.

Anyone else have experience with this fiery Latin temper???


The Gang's Momma! said...

No Latina temper here. But I do have a diva kitty who is totally freaked out by the changes to her litter box location while we wait for the basement to dry out. Hissing, yowling. Delightful, to be sure.

And a four year old Rintoo (of Kai Lan fame) wanna be who acts out episodes by stomping her foot and yelling, "I so mad!" for no apparent reason, randomly throughout the day. Which cracks us up. Then, she gets mad for real. It's also delightful :)

Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Sis said...

thanks for your sweet words on my blog I so appreciate your support!

Spudsnsalsa said...

Oh my I have one of those for sure!!! Just had a hour long scream fest over...wait for it....folding her laundry that I had washed and dried...and she is 13 not 9!?!?!? Thank goodness my 10yo is a calm and eager to please soul...