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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Strike Two! Will There Be a Strike Three?

I recently paid my yearly visit to my eye doctor.  

I've had reading glasses for...well...lots of years...I can't even remember how long it's been!  

So it was no surprise to me when she told me we needed to increase the strength of my lenses.  The problem is that increasing the magnification in my reading glasses means I can't see very far across the room.  And that, my friends, is a problem when there are 22 (probably more than that this year!) second graders scattered around the room, diligently engaged in their work, while I work with individual students or small groups.  The solution to that problem in the past has been to take off my glasses when I need to look across the room or see the whole group at one time. 

The result?  "Lost" glasses.  
Or glasses at school when I needed them at home.  
Or vice versa.
Let's just say that my glasses and I were rarely in the same place at the same time by the end of the school year.  And I was doing a lot of squinting.  Not to mention taking more ibuprofen because I was getting frequent headaches from not wearing my glasses when I needed them because they were lost.  It was an ugly cycle. 

And I felt like I was learning to play the trombone as I moved books closer to and farther away from my face, trying to find just the right place to comfortably read.

What's that you say?  Use a glasses chain?  Are you kidding me?!?  I might be a month shy of 41, but I'm not glasses-on-a-chain old yet!  ;)

The solution my doctor offered was progressive lenses.  That way I wouldn't have to play the on-off-on-off game any more. Or the "trombone!"  I've had bifocals in the past, so I figured it would be o.k. so I picked out some new frames (that I really like, but my darling daughter says make me look more "teacher-y"...which is appropriate, right???).  Note: I tried to take a picture of myself in them, but kept getting a really bad glare on them.  So you'll just have to trust me on this one (and NOT Gloria!).

Well, I'm here to tell just isn't o.k!  They just are not working for me.  As of this afternoon, the glasses are going back to the lab for the third time.  The first time, it was determined that the left lens was off by about a millimeter.  So back to the lab they went.  They came back and I got them again on Monday.  The left eye still wasn't right, in my opinion.  All kinds of adjustments were made.  I tried them for several days but I was always turning my head and tilting it to the left, relying heavily on my right eye.  And my computer screen suddenly looked bowed instead of flat.  I couldn't find the field of vision very easily and felt that the reading field was extremely limited.  So back I went today.

The doctor did all the "which is better...the first one or...the second one" tests with her machine and determined that the prescription was correct.  So, she decided to take the astigmatism script out and see how that works for me.  If that doesn't work...if it's strike's back to plain reading glasses, with the stronger lenses, and back to playing the on-off-on-off game and the trombone once again.

Anyone out there ever worn progressive lenses before?  Any advice for adjusting to them?  Because I'm just not feeling the love!  And my trombone playing arm is getting tired!

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Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Oh, how frustrating! My daughter is the one who is constantly losing her glasses. She takes them off to do gymnastics or swim. I think I would like to put a beeper on them and I also am in search of an indestructible pair.