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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


It's August, which means it is time for school to start again.

Lots of people have already started school.  I know because there have been lots of blogs with first day of school pictures and lots of blogs about teachers getting their rooms ready for the year.  Our state law says that school cannot start before August 25th, so we are still in vacation mode.  Sort of.  I'm leading a teacher training workshop for the next two days on our new social studies materials.  And then teachers report back to school next Thursday, a week before our students.

Gloria is so anxious about starting school--in a good way.  She loves school and told me the other day that she wishes schools was all year long with no summer break.  As a momma, I might enjoy that.  But as a teacher?  I'm not so sure.  We need those breaks, ya' know?  Anyway, G is eagerly anticipating the arrival of the letter that tells us who her teacher will be this year.  If it doesn't arrive soon, she's sure to explode!  She's funny though--she goes from eager anticipation and giddy excitement about school starting to nervous and anxious in the middle of a breath!  She's worried about letter grades.  (This is the first time she will earn "real" letter grades instead of the 1, 2, 3 scale her school uses.)  She's worried/excited about cursive writing.  Her best school friend moved over seas this summer, so she's worried about having a good friend at school.

My brain has been busy this summer thinking about things I wanted to do in my classroom this year.  I'm really excited about our new social studies curriculum and I had some other ideas I was looking forward to implementing.

Did you catch the word "was" in that last sentence?  "Was."  As in past tense.

You see, I won't be a classroom teacher this year.  It came as a complete surprise at a meeting last week, but I am going to be a reading teacher this year instead.  I'm really excited.  I LOVE teaching reading, and I think I do a pretty good job of it.  I guess my administrators think so, too, since I've been asked to do this along with another teacher.  My master's degree is in language and literacy, and my National Board certification is in reading/language arts, so this is really right up my alley.  I'm really excited.  Oops, I said that already, didn't I?  Well, I am.  Just wanted to make sure you knew.

But, I'm a bit nervous too.  It's a change.  It's letting go of what I've done for so many years.  (The mountain of boxes I packed today are a reflection of just how many years.  I've been at this since 1992.  You do the math!)  It's teaching still, but in a different capacity.  I know the expectations are high, and I'm probably already making them higher in my own head.  So,  yes, I'm excited, but I'm nervous at the same time.  Lots of butterflies fluttering around in my stomach!

So, it's transition time at our house.

What is the new school year bringing for you?


Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I just hope my kids are great teachers this year. My 5-yr-old is so shy so I'm a little worried about her. Good luck with your new position. It sounds like it's a perfect fit!

Cedar said...

Sounds like a big change! You'll do great! I don't get to go to my son's schools as often as I'd like, but I love helping the kids with their reading. It is so rewarding to see that light bulb go on. Sounds like a perfect job! We don't start school until Aug. 30. It always surprises me how early other areas start school. My kids are also excited about going back to school; they really do like it a lot. I always did, too.

Brenna said...

Congratulations on the new opportunity in your teaching adventures. What an honor!
I, too, will move into another capacity for this school year. I've been teaching 3-4's early childhood students and have been asked to move up with those 4's to the pre-k class. I like pre-k. So much more can be done with them as they prepare for K.
I'll be working with 2 other teachers in the classroom so we can enroll more students, some part-time students, in the class.
I'm excited to move up and work with students who can do a little more than just 3-4's. Plus I've done pre-k before and like that age better.
I already know the 'tricks' of these students so they can't try anything on the other 2 teachers. haha