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Monday, August 1, 2011


Poor baby girl.

She's devastated.

Her AU jersey disappeared from our stuff while we were at the pool.

Seriously now, why would someone do that?

Why not my phone?
Or my watch?
Which were both in the bag too.
Yes, it would have been a pain to replace either one of them, but I'm not attached to either of those things like she is to her jersey.

Why take an eight-year old's beloved Auburn jersey that her Uncle Will got for her last fall?

She is just so upset and wants to know why.

And I...
I don't have the answer to that question because I want to know why too.


Martha said...

My Shek has that same jersey and he wears it till I peel it off to wash! He would be so upset if his were lost or stolen. Bless her heart!

KERRY said...

Hi Merrill! Thanks for your recent comment on my Why I Blog post...
I have joined your blog and look forward to reading along:)
Have a great weekend!!

KERRY said...

Sorry, I meant to comment on this post too :)
That is so sad and disappointing that your daughter had her jersey stolen :(
There are some nasty inconsiderate people around.