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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Football Weekend with Uncle Will (Sunday Snapshot)

Around here, Uncle Will is known as "the best uncle in the whole wide world."  That's a pretty high honor, bestowed upon him by Gloria.  Uncle Will lives far away from us, half way across the country, so we don't see him nearly as often as we would like.  But, this weekend, Uncle Will came to our house.  Of course, there was a "carrot" that enticed him to come.  We don't live too terrible far from Clemson, where Auburn was playing on Saturday.  Gloria has been eagerly awaiting his arrival for the past know how wiggly and silly a puppy gets when excited?  Yeah, that was Gloria all last week as she counted down the days until Friday.  I'm pretty sure everyone she knows was aware of his arrival and our weekend plans.

Friday night, after the airport pickup, we headed to dinner.

 She wasn't excited, or anything like that, was she?

 Yummy dinner.  Not sure why she chose chopsticks for eating spaghetti though...

Love this picture!

Saturday, we were up and out of the house by 6:00 in the morning.  (Not by my choice...just following orders!)  

 Arriving on the campus

 In the student union food court

 In front of the stadium

 In the stadium, after climbing to practically the very top.
Seriously!  We were in row AA of the upper deck.
It was a L-O-N-G way up!
I quickly laid down the, and only one trip to the bathroom/concessions!

Proof I was actually there.  :)

 This guy in the blue body suit kind of creeped Gloria out.
After talking with him without the face cover, he seemed like a fairly normal guy.

 Talking on the phone to Hada before the game.
(Momma's strategy/distraction for killing time before the game...)

 The Auburn band, warming up before the game

 Some perspective on just how high up we really were!
Look at the size of those people on the field!

While the game did not have a favorable outcome for us Auburn fans, we still enjoyed our day.  It was fun to visit another stadium and experience the game from that standpoint.  It was a little disappointing for Gloria since this was the first time she went to a game that her beloved Tigers lost, but she still enjoyed it.

We will have to say goodbye to Uncle Will in the morning and I know Gloria will miss him.  But then she will start counting the days until we meet him in Atlanta and travel down to Auburn for the game against Florida.  (Speaking of which...any suggestions for a Sunday morning/early afternoon activity in Atlanta?  We went to the aquarium, which was fantastic, several years ago, and to American Girl last year.  Thinking about World of Coke...what do you think?)

Sunday Snapshot


Cedar said...

I don't know how Gloria will like it, but the world of Coke sounds really cool to me!

Being connected to family is so nice, even when they are far away!

Brenna said...

World of Coke is a great place. Or you can experience an eating adventure at the Varsity, if you have time, of course.

Martha said...

I agree world of coke is fun...and the varsity is just around the corner! My kids always enjoy going there. We went to the "new" one a few months ago. We actually liked the Older one better, but the coke place is great....You'll be so thirsty for a coke before it's all over and then you get to try all of the different "coke" flavors from around the world...some are really good....but there's one that is NASTY! It only takes a couple of hours to see everything. It was a sad day yesterday at our house too, when Auburn lost...Looks like y'all had a great time...the one auburn game we took the kids too a few years ago, they lost too, but the lost to Mississippi State...HA Guess who got the last laugh that day. ;)

anything but LoKEY said...

I really love that pic of you and her together. It's a good one. I also agree that she will LOVE the World of Coke.

And I must say we live in Alabama and our church is divided straight down the middle between AL and AU fans. (We don't count because we're GA fans.) Some were really rejoicing today and some...not so much. ;)

Annie said...

Merrill, did I know you and I were so close??? I had many good friends who went to Clemson - years and years and years and years (you get the picture - haha) ago! Glad you all had fun! Love the pics!

Sandra said...

A few years ago we went to Atlanta for Darryl to go to a conference and stopped by Clemson on the way back to take pics of the girls as a surprise for my BIL (their "guncle Steve") for Christmas. It wasn't football season, but they were making a delivery to the stadium and they were nice enough to let us in - we got great pics. I think C was maybe 1 1/2 and Mady 3 at the time. The whole trek to the bathroom from the heavens is the reason we haven't been yet :-)

Kristi said...

Always grand when family comes to visit, isn't it? Glad your sweet girl enjoyed her time with her uncle so much!

Ewa said...

it is great to have family over, it's even more special if they live far away and they come to visit

Marti said...

How sweet. Love the pics. I am so glad that Gloria is so fond of Uncle Will. That makes me smile. We love her too! Thanks, Gloria for helping pic out the T-Shirt. I love it!

Marti said...

Did that restaurant have gluten-free spaghetti? I think will said it did.

Merrill said...

Yes. They had gluten-free pasta. I was super impressed with the manager, too. He noticed that we had ordered the GF spaghetti for Gloria, but she had ordered meatballs on it. The meatballs are made with breadcrumbs, and therefore not GF, so he came over to tell us before bringing her food out. Most places wouldn't notice or care, unfortunately.