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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mid-Week Musings

Conversation with a student today:

Student:  It's snowing outside!
Me:  Um, noooo...that's rain.
Student:  Are you sure?  That looks like snow.
Me:  No, that's rain.
Student:  How do you know?
Me:  Well, it is 78 degrees outside right now.  Way too warm for snow.
Student:  78 degrees?!?  WHOA!!!  That's a lot!


What is the obsession with staying connected all the time?
Email, text, voice mail, Face Book...
Yes, I use it all.
I even have an i-phone (thanks to my old phone going ka-put over the summer--my old phone which would make phone calls and text and that was it...and I was happy!)
But I don't feel the need to be always on, always connected, always checking in.
Guess I really noticed it today when five of the six people I was sitting with during staff meeting were all checking their phones at one point--texting, checking FB, reading email.

Makes me think about how DISconnected I think we have become.


If Gloria has been in school for four weeks and mid-term progress reports come home next Friday...
shouldn't I have received graded work before TODAY?!?
And shouldn't I have received more than 6 papers with grades on them?!?
My teacher brain says YES!
It also says that I wish her teacher would reply to emails.


Thesis report--still working.


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