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Friday, September 9, 2011

Momma Fails

Boy!  For a "short" week, it sure has been emotion-filled!

As if the playground events of the week weren't enough...

Gloria wanted to play soccer again this fall.  It's a low-key team with girls from her school.  They play through the local Y.  She played last spring and really enjoyed it, and she had been eagerly anticipating "fall ball" ever since the spring season ended.

The form came home last week.  I dutifully filled it out and returned it to school.  And then we somehow got left off the list.  Information that went to the other parents early Wednesday morning came to me late Thursday evening.  (Gloria overheard someone talking about it after school on Thursday afternoon and asked me about it, so I went on a fact-finding mission.)

Games start tomorrow, but we have a "bye" this week.  Whew!

First practice?  Friday--as in today
Okay.  I can swing that.  Short notice, but I could make it work.
Or so I thought...

Time of practice?  3:30-4:30
Well now, that's not cool!  It was 5:00-6:00 last spring.  I can't even leave work until almost 4:00 thanks to our new and improved longer school day.  And that means I don't make it to G's school until almost 4:45. 

It wouldn't be such a big deal except that practice is off campus.  And clearly I can't get her there.  One parent did offer to take her, but had to leave right at 4:30, and no one else was eager to hang out at the park with an extra child for an extra 15 minutes.  I really wouldn't expect anyone to do that anyway.  She is my child after all.  I am her parent and I am the one responsible for her.  

Unfortunately, this is one of those times where I can't do it all.  I can't make it work.  I can't change the distance between our schools.  I can't change the time I leave my school.  I can't change practice time.

And I can't change how hurt and left out Gloria feels over this.  

The sun will come out tomorrow, right?

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3 Peanuts said...

I feel so bad reading this post and the last one about mean girl. We have not encountered with Kate (bullying) but I sure have seen it with the boys. I think you need to go to the school or the girl's parents. I LOATHE bullying.

As fat as soccer goes, i would take your sweet g and stay with her or bring her home to you if I lived nearby. That stinks that someone cannot help you out. It takes a village and we parents all need to rely on one another for help.