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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Our Saturday, Part Two: The Festival

After the parade we went home and cooled off, had some lunch, and cheered Gloria's favorite college football team onto victory, we decided to head back "downtown" to enjoy an evening at the festival.

I love the sights of this annual event.  Food vendors galore, arts and crafts vendors, carnival rides and games.  What's not to love?

People as far as the eye can see

An important stop...
if you have a child who intends to ride some rides!

Food vendors, with all the usual fair fare.

Craft vendors

And at last!!!

See that strawberry?
It spins around.
And she made me ride it with her.

She was positively giddy that I was riding with her!

A second round on the swings.

Helicopter ride, anyone?

She swears this was the first time she had EVER had cotton candy.
What kind of momma and I, to deprive my child of spun sugar?!?

We did make two purchases:
One for Miss G

And one for Momma.

All of that was so much fun, and we were exhausted when we got home.  The best part of the festival, according to Gloria was having a funnel cake for dinner.  But that will be a post all its own.  Coming soon!

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Kait said...

That looks like so much fun! And it looks like G really enjoyed herself. I'm avoiding the funnel cake pictures though because there are no words for how good it sounds and you warned of food pictures and I'm afraid my husband will walk in on me licking the laptop screen!