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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

They Say It's My Birthday...

And it's true.

Sweet Gloria was so excited to celebrate my birthday today...
even if she did tell me that she didn't like me turning 41 because I am getting closer to being a senior.

Oh yes, she did.


But I still love her.

It was very important to her that I had presents to open.  So we went to Target after school and I gave her $20.  She knew what I "wanted" and picked them out on her own.  I wasn't allowed to look though.  And let me tell you...that's kind of tough when you want to keep your child within eyesight at all times in a large store!

Next stop:  the grocery store to find something for dinner.  I voted for cheetos and chocolate.  Birthday girl chooses, right?  Well, I got voted down.  We ended up with chicken, baked potatoes, and fruit.  I still think cheetos and chocolate would have been perfectly fine.  ;)  Dessert was gluten-free brownies that Gloria made with a little bit of birthday cake ice cream next to it.

Then it was time for presents.

I got new potholders, a new fall-colored tablecloth, and a Hershey bar.  No cheetos though.  :(

Had to laugh at school today...I refuse to admit my age to my students.  So one of the boys in one of my fifth grade reading groups asked me how long I had been teaching (16, this is number 17--HOW, exactly, is that possible?!?!).  Then he asked me how old I was when I started teaching (21, but turned 22 six weeks later).  Does he really think I'm not smart enough to follow his line of thinking?  Silly boy.  Besides, adding those together still won't give you my real age because of the year I was in grad school (1) and the years I was working at the church (2).

Note:  All photos were taken by the eight year old in the family.


Martha said...

happpy bday

KERRY said...

Hope you had a lovely day with your daughter!!
Best wishes :)

Spudsnsalsa said...

Oh so sorry to have missed your big day!!! Been a bit behind on my blog reads these days...

Hope it was the best birthday ever!!