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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Words Never Spoken Before

"Do I have to go to school tomorrow, Momma?  I really don't want to go."

That just broke my heart to hear that tonight.  In fact, between that situation and another, I'm a crying mess now that Gloria is soundly sleeping and dreaming sweet dreams.

There is a girl at school who has given Gloria trouble since kindergarten.  For some reason, Gloria is her target for mean, hurtful comments and actions.  Thankfully, they were not in the same class last year and the same is true this year.  But there is still lunch and recess together.

And that is more than enough time for her to cause Gloria grief.

It used to be about being adopted and having brown skin and not "matching" me.  Or about not having a dad.  Or not being able to go across the monkey bars.

Since school started, the teasing and hurtful comments have been because Gloria has befriended the "new boy" in her class.  Being the only new student in a class of 11 students can't be easy, and Gloria took it upon herself to become his friend.

Yesterday, he fell and Gloria was helping him walk over to sit on a bench on the playground.  So "mean girl" started telling everyone that Gloria loves the boy and that made Gloria mad.  "I'm just his friend, Momma.  And I think I'm his only friend because no one else plays with him at recess.  He's usually by himself and that's just not right.  But I don't love him!  I'm just his friend!"

We talked about it last night.  I tried to help her find her words to stand up the "mean girl" the next time something happened.  Evidently Gloria tried to address the issue with "MG" today.

I don't think things went the way Gloria had planned.  She ended up with rocks being put on her shirt and getting pinched.  Then, when she told the teacher what happened, they both were talked to and told that they are friends and shouldn't be that way to each other.  Evidently "MG" denied everything, even though Gloria had the mark on her arm where "MG" pinched her.  And then she was ignored by most of the rest of the girls in her grade on the playground and at after school the direction of MG and one of MG's friends.

This is bullying, plain and simple.  For what ever reason, Gloria is the target and it makes me so mad.  We've tried to work through it.  But enough is enough.  And this momma bear is about to come unglued over this whole situation.

Because my baby bear L-O-V-E-S school.  She always has.  She spends her summers wishing vacation was over and school was back in session.  She LOVES school.

And now, "Do I have to go to school tomorrow?"

That, my friends, isn't right and it breaks my heart.


Martha said...

oh so sorry to hear this...praying for y'all

Spudsnsalsa said...

Shudder.....brings on nightmares here as well as we had similar situation compounded by the fact that the MG was the child of a muckity muck at our little private school. I ended up moving my girls to public school where while there are still bullies [won't there always be?] at least the numbers per grade are higher giving more chances for avoiding the MG. Mine used to get it from the class because she befriended one of the 'special needs' boys in her class!?!? Our public school also has Peer Mediation which lets kids take issues in front of a group of 5th graders led by the school psychologist as a way to diffuse ugly situations.

Sandra said...

We had that last year with Mady - I would go pick her up at after school and she would be sitting by herself reading a book while all the other children were playing a game because one child told all the other children not to play with also happened on the bus, when everyone would be told not to sit with her or talk to is heartbreaking and is definitely bullying. It's always so hard to know what to do. Praying for you!