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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Pictures, A Few Days Later

October 31st was a busy day around here.

It started out with pumpkin carving with dads in Gloria's class.  Now, you all know there is not a dad in our family.  But there is a pretty awesome Godfather.  How awesome?  How about he came all the way from Alabama just to do this with her!  And he came back at lunch time too, with lunch from Wendy's, before heading back home!  Gloria was absolutely giddy with excitement by the time Monday morning rolled around.  She giggled the whole way to school, with her pumpkin clutched on her lap.  They carved a super fancy pumpkin.  Far fancier than anything I could have done.  I tend to stick to the triangle eyes and nose and the lopsided smile.

After a long day at school for both of us, it was off to our friends' house.  We've been trick-or-treating together for six years now.  Gloria and "Harry" are just a few weeks apart in age.  Wish I had a picture from the "early years" to show you.  Gosh they've grown up!  And so has their trick-or-treat route!  I was worn out when we got home!

Gloria was Professor McGonagall, from Harry Pott*er.

"Are you seriously taking my picture AGAIN?!?"

My response?  You better smile or THAT will be the picture I email your grandmother!"

The results...

After trick-or-treating, sorting her candy.

And how much of this will Mommy eat???

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