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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Legoland...The Rides

Thanksgiving Day was the perfect day to go to Legoland!  The crowd was fairly light.  When and if we had to stand in line, the lines were short.  I think our longest wait was maybe 15 minutes.  

Gloria was so excited to be there.  She looked like this most of the day...

I'm pretty sure she rode the carousel a dozen times.
Maybe more.
I lost count!
 This carousel is a two story carousel... 
so every time she rode "downstairs," she had to turn around and ride "upstairs."
Sometimes I was allowed to ride.
Other times...not so much.  ;)

Ready for the safari trek!

The jousting tournament

Waiting in line again

The one moment of tears and protests...
I was "making" her ride on the Coastersaurus 
(a roller of two I would actually ride because the other way!)

After riding Coastersaurus!
It was "the best ride ever!" and we had to ride it several more times.

 Boating school
She drove me around the lagoon in the boat.
We only ran into the walls a few times.
Driving in circles....yeah, that was us. 

Look at that concentration!

After driving school, where she earned her license!

Most of the rides at Legoland are geared for the younger crowd.  I think Gloria was the perfect age to enjoy everything without it being to "baby-ish" or too old for her.  She could be independent and ride some of the rides alone while we could enjoy other rides together.

Next up...some of the many Lego creations we encountered throughout the park.

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