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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Story Time

What's a girl to do when the football games are over and Momma is busy cooking dinner?

Why, read to your doll, of course!

Gloria decided that it was time to introduce Mary Anne to her current obsession favorite book and characters, so she started reading the first Harry Potter book out loud to her doll.  Look how happy she looks.  (And she didn't realize I was taking her picture because she was so enthralled in her book.)

Love how this one looks like Mary Anne is reading along with Gloria.

There are not enough books in this house to keep Gloria occupied.  She devours almost any book she picks up.  Favorites get read and reread and read over and over, again and again.  I love that she is such an avid reader, even if it does make us late leaving the house some mornings.  Now, she gets up an extra 30 minutes early, just so she can read in the morning.  Now that's dedication!  I like my sleep too much for that.  Of course, I stay up way too late at night reading, so I guess it's all a trade off, right?

Sunday Snapshot


Martha said...

It's so wonderful that she loves to read! I like me sleep too much to...she is dedicated. lol

Shanna said...

Oh, how wonderful to have an avid reader. Seeking from the best books creates the opportunity for wisdom and knowledge. Lucky girl to have a mom that encourages her passion.

Chris said...

How completely precious!