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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Hello, my poor little neglected blog.  So sorry to have left you alone for so long. 

Can you believe that I didn't take a single picture on Christmas Day?  It was a little wild that morning.

I do have a few pictures from our holiday doings.
Gosh, the girls had fun that night.
Despite a broken flower vase, courtesy of my child.
And they are convinced that their cousin, Nick, looks a bit like Just-in Bee-bur (if you know who I mean)

While the man in red isn't in this picture, we did go to the mall and I DID get my picture of Gloria with Santa Claus!  It only took 7 years!  Maybe Santa Cow helped?

The funniest thing about this trip is that Screamer has finally met something he is scared of.  Terrified might be the better word choice.  Ella is living at my parents' house right now and Screamer does NOT like her.  He  steers a clear path around her...if he even comes out of the bedroom at all.

Gloria is excited that we are going to the Liberty Bowl on Saturday afternoon.  No, it isn't her favorite team.  But it is Momma and Maggie's team.  Go Vandy!  Then we will come home and watch the Eat More Chicken bowl on tv Saturday night.  War Eagle!  We thought we might go to that game, but Uncle Will couldn't work it out to go, so we aren't going either.  It's going to be a full day of football, followed by a long day of driving on Sunday.  Someone around here has to be back at work early Monday morning.  Can't wait to post pictures of the bowl game!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Might Be the Closest I'll Ever Get!

Our local "Chicken Lay" had breakfast with Santa Cow on Saturday morning.  

Now, you should know that Gloria has never wanted anything to do with Santa Claus.  She refuses to visit him for a picture, no matter how much I offer in bribery beg and plead.  She won't even look his way if we happen to be in the mall this time of year.  In fact, we have been known to have to take the long way around the mall to avoid Santa's area completely!  I don't know what it is about the man in red...I mean, she LOVES the Easter Bunny.  And I must admit to a tad bit of jealousy when I see all the pictures of my friends' children with Santa.  Sigh...

But today, there was the COW in problem!  This might be the closest thing I ever get to a picture of Gloria with Santa Claus!

We also got to make a gingerbread house while we enjoyed our breakfast.

This last picture has nothing to do with Christmas or Santa Cow.  I found it in her school bag last night after we got home from school.  I love the look on her face as she is examining...a mouse's skull that she found in an owl pellet.  Complete fascination!

I can't believe that Christmas Eve is one week from today!  Are you ready?

Sunday Snapshot

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More About Legoland

Yeah, a little later than intended.  Better late than never, though.

These first two pictures show how I remember Legoland...when it was Cypress Gardens.  The lake with the ski show and the gardens.

It's quite different now.  These creatures did not used to gather around the waterfall...although they are cute.

A few characters we ran into...

Quite a few colorful creations...

Some of the miniature landmarks...all made out of Legos...

Overall, I think they did a nice a nice job with the transformation from Cypress Gardens to Legoland.  The two-story carousel and the Island in the Sky were from Cypress Gardens days.  While we were on Island in the Sky, I was sad to see beyond the "walls" of Legoland into more of the old gardens where the birds, alligators, and other animals used to be because it was all so run down.  Dilapidated, really.  Supposedly, that part is going to become the resort?

So many memories are wrapped up in the old gardens.  Taking Aunt Edith there for her birthday, going with my baby brother while Mom was at work just down the road on summer mornings, high school band pictures, "unofficial" visits with my friend who lived right next door (seriously!  Nothing but a low chain separated their back yard from the back of the gardens property...step over it and VIOLA!  We were there!), the ski show (The Legoland ski show was the only truly disappointing part of the experience.  It was definitely NOT the ski show of days gone by.)

I think it is a great experience for the under 12 crowd.  It's very low key and easy to get around.  Gloria enjoyed herself.  So much so that we went back a second day for a while (I had purchased year passes for us--the two visits more than paid for the passes.  And, I know we will be back in the area a time or two before the passes expire.)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Elf

We came home on Monday night to find an elf in Gloria's bedroom.  He wasn't there when we left for choir rehearsal, but he was sitting on Gloria's bed reading a book when we got home.  To say that Gloria was in shock would be an understatement.  Gloria named him Twinkle.  Since Monday night, Twinkle has been up to some elfish mischief and fun.

Monday night...Twinkle decided that our Christmas tree needed some decorations.  Guess he hadn't realized what Screamer might do to anything on the tree.  Here is what we found on Tuesday morning...

On Tuesday night, I made some pumpkin bread for Gloria to take to school for a chorus breakfast party on Wednesday morning.  It was a good thing I made two pans!   Twinkle helped himself.  I think he liked it!

Wednesday night, Twinkle must have discovered my chocolate stash.  He left the evidence behind.  At least he thought to brush his little elf teeth.  ;)

On Thursday morning, we found Twinkle hanging from the chandelier in the dining room.  Maybe he was trying to escape from one of the cats?

Friday night, Twinkle was obviously in the mood for some holiday music.  This is where we found him on Saturday morning.

Saturday night, Twinkle got adventurous again and scaled to the top of the side-by-side.  We found him with Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus on Sunday morning.

We never know where Twinkle will be when we get up in the morning.  It sure makes Gloria jump out of bed the moment she wakes up.  She wakes me up with a Twinkle report.

Do you have an elf in your house?  What has he or she been up to recently?  Twinkle might need some more ideas!

Sunday Snapshot

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Decorating

I know...these are not the promised pictures from our Legoland adventure!  This was just a really long kind of week and I just couldn't find the desire for blogging.  Hopefully I will get those up in the next few days!

We don't usually do too much Christmas decorating, especially with the resident Bad Cat.  There is always a wreath on the front door and some garland and white lights on the banister.  And the Advent wreath is on the dining room table.  (There are teeth marks in my candles already!)  But, I have visions of arriving home each afternoon to discover my Christmas tree lying on the floor with ornaments scattered from one end of the house to the other.  The same is true of my collection of nativity scenes.  In fact, I don't think I've gotten them out in the past two years because I know what Bad Cat will do with all of those little pieces.

But today?  Today I was feeling brave.  Or maybe just trying to shake the down-and-out kind of funk I've been in this week.  So we dug out some of the decorations.  So far, so good for Bad Cat.  But he hasn't been left alone with all of the temptations yet!

Mom and Dad got me this one in Alaska a few years ago.
Love the moose and the polar bear!
And Baby Jesus is in a dog sled!

This one is carved from stone.
(I can't remember its country of origin or how I acquired it.)

From Guatemala.
I got this when my mom and I went down there for Thanksgiving in 2003 to visit Gloria.
I love the bright colors.
(This one also led to the horrible crazy glue event this evening...three fingers glued to the glue tube and two other fingers glued together...I really wasn't sure I could unglue myself!  
And the third donkey's leg is still broken!)

I love the stained glass and silver of this one.
The cow, the donkey, and the sheep are adorable.

Another one from Guatemala.
This one stays out year round.
Bad Cat knocks them down at least once a week, yet somehow they have survived his antics.
My mom got this one for me, too.

My first one I got as an adult.
It came from the mountains of North Carolina.
I love the simplicity of this one.

Gloria suggested that we put our little Christmas tree up for a few days without any ornaments on it and see what happens.  If all goes well, she says, then we should put some non-breakable ornaments on it and see what happens again.  I dunno...I'm not so sure I trust this guy...

Sunday Snapshot