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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Might Be the Closest I'll Ever Get!

Our local "Chicken Lay" had breakfast with Santa Cow on Saturday morning.  

Now, you should know that Gloria has never wanted anything to do with Santa Claus.  She refuses to visit him for a picture, no matter how much I offer in bribery beg and plead.  She won't even look his way if we happen to be in the mall this time of year.  In fact, we have been known to have to take the long way around the mall to avoid Santa's area completely!  I don't know what it is about the man in red...I mean, she LOVES the Easter Bunny.  And I must admit to a tad bit of jealousy when I see all the pictures of my friends' children with Santa.  Sigh...

But today, there was the COW in problem!  This might be the closest thing I ever get to a picture of Gloria with Santa Claus!

We also got to make a gingerbread house while we enjoyed our breakfast.

This last picture has nothing to do with Christmas or Santa Cow.  I found it in her school bag last night after we got home from school.  I love the look on her face as she is examining...a mouse's skull that she found in an owl pellet.  Complete fascination!

I can't believe that Christmas Eve is one week from today!  Are you ready?

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Martha said...

Love the santa cow photo...I can't believe Christmas eve is a week away, but I am ready...well, I do have wrap the presents, but other than that I am ready.

Gwen said...

Great Santa Cow picture! Close enough, right? ;)

Gillian said...

Ahahaha, never heard of a christmas cow before! Whatever works : )

hizles said...

Go figure! Of course it would be chik-fil-a. hhahaha!

Thanks for visiting my blog. Love the gingerbread house, I have to make sure I get one done before Christmas too. Eeek! 6 days away ....