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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More About Legoland

Yeah, a little later than intended.  Better late than never, though.

These first two pictures show how I remember Legoland...when it was Cypress Gardens.  The lake with the ski show and the gardens.

It's quite different now.  These creatures did not used to gather around the waterfall...although they are cute.

A few characters we ran into...

Quite a few colorful creations...

Some of the miniature landmarks...all made out of Legos...

Overall, I think they did a nice a nice job with the transformation from Cypress Gardens to Legoland.  The two-story carousel and the Island in the Sky were from Cypress Gardens days.  While we were on Island in the Sky, I was sad to see beyond the "walls" of Legoland into more of the old gardens where the birds, alligators, and other animals used to be because it was all so run down.  Dilapidated, really.  Supposedly, that part is going to become the resort?

So many memories are wrapped up in the old gardens.  Taking Aunt Edith there for her birthday, going with my baby brother while Mom was at work just down the road on summer mornings, high school band pictures, "unofficial" visits with my friend who lived right next door (seriously!  Nothing but a low chain separated their back yard from the back of the gardens property...step over it and VIOLA!  We were there!), the ski show (The Legoland ski show was the only truly disappointing part of the experience.  It was definitely NOT the ski show of days gone by.)

I think it is a great experience for the under 12 crowd.  It's very low key and easy to get around.  Gloria enjoyed herself.  So much so that we went back a second day for a while (I had purchased year passes for us--the two visits more than paid for the passes.  And, I know we will be back in the area a time or two before the passes expire.)

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