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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Elf

We came home on Monday night to find an elf in Gloria's bedroom.  He wasn't there when we left for choir rehearsal, but he was sitting on Gloria's bed reading a book when we got home.  To say that Gloria was in shock would be an understatement.  Gloria named him Twinkle.  Since Monday night, Twinkle has been up to some elfish mischief and fun.

Monday night...Twinkle decided that our Christmas tree needed some decorations.  Guess he hadn't realized what Screamer might do to anything on the tree.  Here is what we found on Tuesday morning...

On Tuesday night, I made some pumpkin bread for Gloria to take to school for a chorus breakfast party on Wednesday morning.  It was a good thing I made two pans!   Twinkle helped himself.  I think he liked it!

Wednesday night, Twinkle must have discovered my chocolate stash.  He left the evidence behind.  At least he thought to brush his little elf teeth.  ;)

On Thursday morning, we found Twinkle hanging from the chandelier in the dining room.  Maybe he was trying to escape from one of the cats?

Friday night, Twinkle was obviously in the mood for some holiday music.  This is where we found him on Saturday morning.

Saturday night, Twinkle got adventurous again and scaled to the top of the side-by-side.  We found him with Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus on Sunday morning.

We never know where Twinkle will be when we get up in the morning.  It sure makes Gloria jump out of bed the moment she wakes up.  She wakes me up with a Twinkle report.

Do you have an elf in your house?  What has he or she been up to recently?  Twinkle might need some more ideas!

Sunday Snapshot

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Brenna said...

Looks like Twinkle's acts are fairly harmless. Watch out though. He may call his Leprechaun cousin on St. Patrick's Day...and he's not so tame. haha