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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Monday morning on the way to school:

Me:  Eight glorious months of no football!
G:  Eight horrible months of no football!

Someone please tell me how this happened to me!  I mean really...

Tuesday during a kindergarten reading group:

We read a book with lots of rhyming words and they were having so much fun playing with words and making more rhyming words.  The word family was "-ake."  Harmless, yes?  Make, take, cake, rake, fake, Jake, lake, snake...

Then I was getting them to use the words in sentences and talk about each word.  We got to "fake."

Me:  How about "fake?"
Student:  (in the sweetest little innocent voice) Some ladies have fake boobies.
Boy students:  laughing and rolling on the floor
Me:  And fake fingernails!  How about "rake?"

I love kindergarteners!

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Miss Jess said...

Thanks for commenting on my post from today... I absolutely love that saying too. A constant reminder I need to see daily. I'm so thankful that it blessed you tonight as well.