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Saturday, January 7, 2012

The First Week of the New Year

Wow!  How is it Saturday night and the end of the first week of 2012 already?  I mean did that happen?  Even one of my students looked at me yesterday and said, "This week went by really fast, Ms. B.  Don't you think so?"

What made it go by so quickly?  Maybe it was a combination of the following:

Sunday:  We drove home from my parents' house.  10.5 hours in the car and at least 7 of those involved the yowling of cats (especially a certain little black cat riding in the back seat).  Once we were home, the car got unpacked and laundry got started.  But that was about it.  I needed to play with my new toy Kindle.

Monday:  Most people probably still had the day off, but not me.  I was back at school with students.  Gloria spent the day at all day after school care.  We spent several hours in the evening finishing up her science fair project since it was due on Tuesday.

Tuesday:  Gloria went back to school.  I guess the one good thing about me going back on Monday was that I already had that "first day back" behind me and could function a bit better in those early morning hours!  Science fair project made it to school.  And I met with someone who runs a sitter service so that I can start doing that at night and on the weekends.

Wednesday:  School.  Smart board training after school made for a long day.  We were both very glad to have a night free of science fair and other running around though.

Thursday:  Ummm...I don't even remember Thursday!  Except for the fact that I got off the outer loop at the wrong exit on my way to work that morning.  I'm not a morning person, I'm telling ya!

Friday:  Long day at school and a surprise discovery that left me scrambling for information and computer time until late into the night.  We had to go back to Gloria's school for the actual science fair.  I'll admit to grumbling about having to go back out on a Friday evening.  I mean seriously...who has a science fair on a *Friday* night?!?  The only reason we went was because Gloria had a project to present.  Good thing we went...she won first place for the lower school division!  Now it's on to the regional fair next month!  We celebrated with dinner at Cracker Barrel, thanks to a gift card that was in my stocking on Christmas morning.

And that brings us to Saturday.  We spent most of the day reclaiming the house from Christmas, travel, and general clutter.

Not the most exciting post.  Not even a picture to make it a little more fun!

But, I'm going to go back in time and do some posts about our Christmas vacation doings.  We had a lot of fun and I have a LOT of pictures!  :)

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