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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Liberty Bowl Parade

Continuing in my "back in time" posts to catch up from my blogging break over Christmas...

We ended up staying at my parents' house longer than originally planned.  But, for a very good reason!  We were going to the Liberty Bowl.  Vanderbilt was playing Cincinnati.  My mom and I both went to Vandy, and since they have only played in 5 bowl games *ever* we figured this could possibly be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  ;)

My brother worked his magic and found us tickets to the game.  Then we found out about the parade.  We made an afternoon of going to the parade.

First stop:  The Peabody Hotel.  (It happened to be the team hotel for Vandy as well as being about 2 blocks from the parade.)

We usually go down to the Peabody every time we are in Memphis to see the ducks swimming in the fountain in the lobby.  We've been there to see them parade from the elevator to the fountain a few times.  Gloria always enjoys it.  It is kind of unusual to see ducks in the lobby of a fancy hotel.  (Note:  It's hard to get a good picture of the ducks since they are in constant motion!  I had lots of pictures of tail feathers!)

 This one decided to hop out and preen a little bit right in front of me.
Thoughtful little duck, don't you think?

Gloria was upset that she didn't have her Vandy shirt with her.
We convinced her that it was OK to wear her Auburn jersey since it was still the SEC.
Plus, Momma had gotten black and gold beads for everyone to wear for the parade and to the game.

We walked the few blocks from the hotel down to Beale Street for the parade.  We ended up being right at the end of the parade route, but we had lots of fun people around us.

My mom (AKA Maggie to Gloria and Mema to the other two) with her three granddaughters

Waiting for the parade to start

There were people giving out gold shakers, so we got one for everyone.
They came in handy for the game the next day too!

It was hard to get good pictures during the parade because, like the ducks, the bands and floats tend to move instead of staying in one place.  And my camera is s-l-o-w.  :(  But, two of our favorite sites from the parade that actually turned out ok on my camera...

This one might qualify as the strangest...
He is from the Secret Society of the Bol Weevil.
Odd, yes?

And the Chick-fil-a cows, dressed in Vandy and Cincy jerseys.

Tons of beads were being thrown from the floats and cars that were in the parade.  The girls were loaded down with beads of every color, and pockets full of candy, by the time it was over.

Can you find us in this picture?

We had so much fun at the parade.  And then we got to see the 5:00 duck parade back at the Peabody.  We've never seen them go back to the elevator to go back to their penthouse "suite" for the night.  Talk about a sea of people!  But it's not every day that you get to see ducks walk on a red carpet for a ride up the elevator, so it was fun.

Can't wait to get the pictures from the Liberty Bowl up.  Maybe tonight.  Maybe tomorrow.  Be sure to check back.  (Become a follower and you'll know when I do it!  I've been sitting at 19 for so very long...would love to get over the hump!  Now was that a shameless plug, or what?!?  ;)  )

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anything but LoKEY said...

We are GA fans but we always cheer for the SEC. So wanted Vandy to win that game. They should have.

Martha said...

Ducks in the fancy hotel...pretty cool. wonder has the job of cleaning up after them?