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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Spirit Week, Day 1

Gloria has Spirit Week at school this week.

Today was sports day: wear something from your favorite team or sport.

This is a big deal for them because the school does not allow any clothing that has words or pictures or numbers on it that might represent another school or organization.

Easy choice, right?


Not so much.

There was lots of discussion and thought put into Gloria's decision today...

Should she wear
a.) her Auburn jersey
b.) her Cam Newton Panther's jersey

There were pros and cons for each one.

Eventually, with a little help from "the main moms" of choir, she decided on the Auburn jersey because "there will probably be lots and lots of Panthers stuff and no one else will wear Auburn!"

And by all reports, they were right...

Lots of Panthers.

And even a Gamecocks shirt...
And *gasp* an Alabama shirt!  
Can you believe it?!?
The horrors!

(Her words, not mine!)

1 comment:

anything but LoKEY said...

Such a cute girl! Even though I have to disagree on the team shirt. She would look even better in red and black. ;)