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Monday, February 13, 2012

Quiet Around the Ol' Blog...

My dashboard tells me my last post was February 4th.
That was nine days ago.

I can't say that things have been quiet, or boring, or not news worthy.
Nope, can't say that at all.
But just haven't been shouting things from the rooftops as I try to consider it all.

But we're good.
Really good.

Gloria had her birthday that would not end.
Party a week before hand, her actual birthday with lots of fun family gifts followed by another celebration during a super bowl party last Sunday, birthday cupcakes at school on Monday, a visit from Miss Beth and more presents on Tuesday, Uncle Will and Aunt Martha's gift arrived on Wednesday.  TWELVE days of celebrating!
Like I said, the birthday that would not end...
(sound like a song anyone knows?  And if it just got stuck in your head...well, welcome to my world!  I did it to myself too.)

School decisions had to be made.
I'm choosing in favor of financial sensibility and stability, which I know is the right choice.
But it kills me to change her school.
But the idea of no more tuition payments, cutting my daily driving to less than half of what it currently is, and paying off my small credit card debt...they win out this time.
It's still hard though.

And last, but not least, I'm trying to figure out how dating as a single mom actually works.

Did I just say that?
Well, don't tell anyone, ok?
It's complicated, that's for sure.
But, well...yeah...let's just say it makes me smile.

And Mom, don't call (or email!) and ask me about it either!
That's all you're getting right now!

Happy Monday everyone!


Sandra said...

Your happiness comes through in your words! So happy for you!!!! ;-)

Martha @ Berrybliz said...

woo hoo!!!

Brenna said...

God bless your decision for G's school choices. She's 9 now and both of you have almost a decade of good choices under your belts. She will do fine in the public school.

Congrats on the potential dating relationship. May all go well and your experiences be positive.