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Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Great Sense of Peace

I had so much on my mind this morning as I was leaving to meet my mom and Gloria half way between our house and Camp Maggie-Hada.  My thoughts were scattered, all over the place.

Foremost in my thoughts was telling Gloria the news.  She was out of town, visiting my parents last week because it was her spring break.  I had asked my mom not to tell her.  That was my job.  But I had NO idea how to tell her.  She had struggled with the idea of me dating someone.  I even had to tell her that she did not have a say in this because it was an adult decision that Momma was making.  She had finally come to accept it.  She had even decided that he is an ok guy.  But how was I going to tell her that we are engaged?

Wear the ring?  Or don't wear the ring?
Tell her as soon as we are together?  Or wait until we get home?
Don't tell her directly, but hope she sees the ring, notices the magazines and things I've printed from the internet, and asks about them?  Or just come right out with it?
How will she take the news?  Will she be ok with it?  Or will she be upset?

I never really came to a decision about any of those questions, other than I was going to keep my ring on.  I wasn't going to hide it.  And what ever happened happened.

I prayed a good bit during the first part of my 5 1/2 hour drive to middle Tennessee.  Didn't hear the radio or notice much around me other than the road.  I've made this drive so many times, I know it like I know the back of my hand.

Finally, my thoughts began to calm and I began to relax and notice the scenery passing outside my window.  Mile after mile of dogwood trees, Bradford pear trees, and blankets of wildflowers.

I still didn't have a plan, but I was calm and at peace with that.  I finally arrived at our designated meeting place and left my ring on my finger as I got out of the car.  Gloria and my mom were already there, waiting for me.  As soon as Gloria caught sight of me, she came flying at me, practically tackling me in the parking lot!  I think she was glad to see me.  ;)

We were going to have lunch together before Mom headed back west and we headed back east, so we went inside.  Once we were seated, Gloria was sitting on my left.  I know my mom was dying to talk, but I was taking my cues from Gloria.  After we ordered our lunch, she noticed my hand and grabbed it.

"What's this?!?  What does it mean?  Who is it from?  Are you getting married?!?"
And she was happy.
Really happy.
She kept hugging me and smiling.
And hugging me some more.

And I was so relieved.
So thankful for her reaction.
And she hasn't said one thing to let me know that she might be thinking otherwise.
From a child who almost always speaks her mind, good or bad, this must be good!

She and my mother wanted to know every detail, so we talked for a long time.  2 1/2 hours later, we parted ways, able to talk freely about ideas and thoughts and plans.  What a relief!

On the way home, I noticed lots more of what was around me...

Because this was what was going on in my back seat!

Happy Sunday, y'all!

Sunday Snapshot


Martha @ Berrybliz said...

That's awesome news, Merrill. GOD is in all the details...He is soooo GOOD!

Eva said...

Wow! Amazing. :)

Sandra Church said...

So glad she not only took it well but was excited!

Sandra said...

I'll bet G wants you to get married at Auburn and wants the colors to be blue and orange :-)