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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wedding Planning

What Have We Accomplished?
Wedding date
Reception location (that was's in the parish hall at the church)
Wedding dress (It was not supposed to be in until June, but it is currently residing in my closet!!  It came that fast!)
Caterer for the reception (another easy one since it is the caterer that leases our church's kitchen)

Still To Do?
Choose a photographer (but we have appointments with two in the next few weeks)
Decorations for the reception
DJ for the reception (but we have one we want to use, who is available)
Menu for the reception
A wedding cake
Service music (but I know who the organist will be)
Dresses for the girls

Oh gosh.  I know there's more.

But it boggles my mind when I think about it all.

Who knew that planning a wedding takes so much work?!?
And I simply cannot imagine doing any of it with out email and the internet.
I mean, seriously!  How did people do it before email existed?  Who has time to play phone tag?  Email tag is much easier!

One of these days it will be finished.
Like December 2nd, I suppose.

Until then...?
My green notebook filled with lots of pink sticky notes is my best friend!


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Kait said...

I love other people wedding planning but I got completely overwhelmed planning my own. Don't worry - whether it all gets done or not you'll still be married. That's what counts in the end.