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Monday, July 30, 2012

Screamer Writes Again...

Hello readers of Momma's blog...

Screamer here.

Once again, I'm in trouble for having a little fun.  :-(

Momma says I have broken a glass bottle that she really liked, knocked picture frames and memory jars onto the floor, lost her seashells, and awakened everybody in the wee small hours of the morning one too many times.

Not true, I tell you!
It's simply not true!

OK, maybe breaking the bottle is true...but it was pink.  PINK I tell you!  And that's a GIRL color.  So it needed to go.  Doesn't that justify me breaking it by sending it rolling down the stairs and crashing into the wooden trunk on the bottom landing at 4 A.M.?  Come on know you agree with me.  Pink is so yesterday!

As for the picture frames and jars...I was just trying to rearrange them.  Momma has no eye for decorating.  I was just trying to help.  Really!

And the seashells?  They smell like the beach...and tuna fish!  How does she expect me to resist them?!?

And by waking everyone up in the middle of the night...well once again, I was just trying to help out.  The grownups keep saying they need to get more exercise.  I figured chasing me around would help.  I love playing real life cat and mouse with the tall ones as the cat and me as the mouse.  It is so much fun!  It makes me laugh to see them coming after me only to have me make a quick dash under the bed at the last minute.  HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  What fun!!!

Only all of those things were just making Momma and Brian cranky.  It seems I was interrupting their beauty rest or something like that.  And Momma complained that she couldn't go back to sleep after her early morning exercise.  So what?!?  She should just sleep during the day in a nice sunny spot like I do!  But she disagrees.

So now I have to sleep in the bathroom.  Seriously folks...the BATHroom!  Where is the justice?!?  Hannah and that DOG don't have to suffer such indignities!  Hannah told me she has been sleeping next to Momma at night ever since I was reassigned to the downstairs bathroom.  And that DOG...SHE has a nice comfy bed on the floor next to the humans.  But I, I, have to sleep in the BATHROOM! In a peanut M&M's box!

Well, ok, I'll admit it IS kind of comfy with Momma's old pillow in it.  That was nice of her to give that to me.

But it's in the BATHROOM!

No justice, I tell you!

Won't you please talk some sense into Momma?  Please?  Pretty please with tuna flavored Greenies on top?  (Well, maybe only one or two since I really really like those...)  But you get my drift...I really need your help!

Love and purrs,
Screamer (AKA "Bad Cat")


Karen said...

Dear Screamer - While I have been one of your biggest supporters in the past, I have to say I am surprised that it took momma this long to take this action. I would recommend hiding out right before bedtime so that they can't find you to lock you in if you are not willing to conform to the rules.

Good luck -

HoundMom said...

Screamer, Screamer... You seem a reasonably intelligent cat. In fact, you seem a very kind and considerate cat. You genuinely want to help your housemates. However, it would appear that they do not want your help. That said, perhaps you should stop trying to help them and help yourself. Leave the antics behind and perhaps your momma will let you out of jail at some point in the near future. Barring that, I fear, you shall have to face a life-time imprisonment. Having had many cats in my day, I can say I have yet to experience one as... persistent as you in getting your point across. Perhaps more subtlety is necessary here?

Good luck…