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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Four Months to Go...Wedding Planning Update

I was reading over a post from the end of April...what we had accomplished and what was left to do.  Thought I'd update anyone who was curious...

What Have We Accomplished?

  • wedding date:  four months from today!
  • church
  • NEW reception location and caterer:  The caterer we had was nuts and we weren't getting what we needed or wanted from her.  So we found a new venue for our reception since we couldn't use another caterer at the original location.  We are so excited about where it will be!
  • my dress
  • dresses for three girls
  • A photographer (who I am really excited about) is booked.
  • A cake has been designed!  That was a fun evening this past weekend.  And we left with a sketch of OUR cake!
  • Invitations are purchased and ready to print. (We opted for a D-I-Y invitation.)
  • Address list for invitations is almost finished
  • DJ for the reception is booked.

Still to Do?

  • Flowers
  • Decorations for the reception
  • The menu for the reception:  The caterer uses locally grown ingredients, so we won't do this until closer to December 1st.
  • Print, address, and mail the invitations
  • Registry
  • Service music (but we have an appointment scheduled with the organist this month)
What am I forgetting???

The funny thing is that everyone says it is so hard to plan a wedding.  Many friends told me that planning a wedding in nine months couldn't be done, but this hasn't really been that hard or stressful.  

Well, except for the crazy caterer that we cancelled on.  ;)  

Other than that, it's been pretty smooth and I've been pretty calm...I think...I'm sure Brian will tell me if that's not a true assessment!

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Brenna said...

Nice going, Merrill. We planned our wedding fairly smoothly as well. Most all plans were made in a 2 month time frame or we at least had an idea of what was to happen. Congrats and many happy years together.