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Friday, August 3, 2012

Six Months Ago Today...I Sent an Email

This post could also be titled "How We Met, For the Inquiring Minds That Want to Know"

Late last fall I joined an online dating site. It was with great skepticism that I created my profile and paid the membership fee. I really didn't know what to expect, much less how to navigate dating if/when the opportunity arose. 

Fast forward through three or four months of wading through many "daily matches," a few email exchanges, one phone conversation, and quite a few profiles I couldn't click "not interested" fast enough and it was the evening of February 3rd--6 months ago today. 

Worn out from a long week at school and a long evening of getting Gloria's science fair project checked in and set up at the university, I sat down at my computer and logged in to see who might be in my daily matches. 

Daily match # 1:  Not interested
Daily match #2: Not interested
Daily match #3: NOT interested!!!

Insert appropriate eye rolling and sighing and shaking of head here...why exactly was I putting myself through this?!?

One more to go and then I was staying off for the weekend. I had the science fair, church, Gloria's birthday, and a Super Bowl party to keep me busy. 

Daily match #4:  Angelsfan2000... 
My thoughts went something like this...

He's nice looking. "My glass is half full"....ok, that's a nice sentiment. Lives not too far away...that's good. 43 years old...close in age. Two he gets the whole parenting thing. 5'8"...we'd see eye to eye. We have some common interests...good. Except wait...NASCAR? Oh dear. But maybe I should let that one slide. He sounds on otherwise. 

And so I sent a quick message--something light and silly about the glass definitely being half full, especially since it was a Friday, and wishing him a happy weekend. 

And that was that. 

Or so I thought. 

Because a few hours later, Angelsfan2000 sent me a reply. 

That set off a series of messages back and forth between us over the next two days. All was casual and light. Chatty. Easy. 

Sunday evening while I was at a Super Bowl party I got another email containing his latest message suggesting I text him during the game. I chose to pretend I didn't get that message until after I got home later that night. Never mind the fact that I certainly wasn't going to text first!!  So I sent him my number and suggested a round of Twenty Questions. 

Not long after that, the text alert on my phone sounded and the game was on. Questions and answers and more questions and more answers. Two hours later, it was past midnight and although many questions had been asked and answered, we were not yet at twenty. 

The next evening we picked up where we left off. As we neared our twentieth question, Brian asked what happened next--which led to our first phone call on Tuesday night followed by our first date the following Saturday, February 11th. 

At the end of that date, we had a plan. We'd take things slow, see each other when we could, and see where things went. 

Did I say plan?

We laugh about that now because nothing went according to our plan. 

On March 3rd, one month after that first message, Brian asked me to marry him. 

And I said yes. 

And here we are...
Planning a wedding
Planning our future
Planning the rest of our lives together. 

And that's a plan we can stick with!

Is the glass half full?

It isn't. 

It's filled to overflowing. 

And life is good. 


Kait said...

I love it! That's such a sweet story!

Karen said...

Love it!!! SO - I am wondering about "Angelsfan2000" - where did that come from?

R and S said...

Thanks so much for sharing this! Great story for a great couple. Uncle Roger

Miss Jess said...

This gives me so much hope, you have no idea. Especially since I endured another disappointing blow to my fragile little heart. God is good. God is faithful. Congrats on your upcoming marriage. Cheers to many many happy years.