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Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Tree Unfolds

A long time ago, I bought a little artificial Christmas tree.

And when I say little...I mean little!
As in less than four feet tall.
Just big enough for a string of lights and a few ornaments.
Just big enough to make our little townhouse look a little Christmas-y.

It was perfect for Momma and G.
The first cat, too.
The second cat...well...nothing is perfect around him.

Then I got married.
And my perfect little tree wasn't perfect any more.
It was just little.
And it made me feel sad instead of Christmas-y.

So on Monday night, Brian, Gloria, and I set out in search of our new, full-sized, unlit artificial tree.
(I'm allergic to pine real tree for us!)

Keep in mind that it was one week before Christmas Eve when this search began.
I failed at one store.
Brian failed at another store.
We failed together at yet a third.
But at the fourth store...success!
A 7.5 foot tall, unlit, prefect tree!

That then took three days to put up and decorate.

It went something like this...

The tree had to be assembled.
And each branch had to be separated and spread out and positioned just right.

Of course a big tree equals a big box.
And a big empty box must be promptly inspected.

Each branch must be thoroughly sniffed and checked out.

The lone ornament on our tree after the hour and a half of assembly and fluffing...

Remember how I said that my old tree was just big enough for a string of lights?
We needed more than a single string of lights for our new tree.
Search number two began for white lights.
Several stores were fails.
But Momma and G were successful with a "whim" stop on the way home from school on Tuesday.

So then the tree had lights.

And on Wednesday night, the tree finally had ornaments on it!

Our first family ornament, from a friend at work.
I was so touched by this when she gave it to me.
Thanks, Maureen!
(yes, you have a first name!)

This one is for my mom...
Yes, Mom, it's on the tree in a place of honor.

We all agree that we love our tree.  
And it's OUR tree.
And it definitely makes our house feel more Christmas-y.
Which makes me happy.

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Kait said...

Merry Christmas!! I love your tree.