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Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Weight Loss Journey

I'm stepping outside of my usual blogging about family life, trips, and events and getting really personal for a minute.

"Junk food" has always been my nemesis.
I can't just keep walking when there is an open bag of chips or a candy dish full of chocolates.
Jelly bellies at the mall?  I always bought them...every time I went.
"Real" Coke.
Mint chocolate chip ice cream.
French fries.
Just a few examples of my downfalls.

And I know some of you are salivating nodding your heads in agreement right now. ;)

Bottom line: I like to eat.

And over the last twelve months, it really showed.

I knew it. I would say I was going to watch what I was eating. And I it go right into my mouth.

And then I had three doctor's appointments one day in November. Two of them required stepping on a scale...with some one standing there writing down a number that made me cringe.

It was ugly.
It was also three weeks before our wedding. Not exactly the best time to start a weight loss program.


I told Brian that I wanted to go back to Weight Watchers after our wedding. (I had done Weight Watchers with good results many years ago, so I was already a "lifetime member." It was just a matter of going back.)

Brian said all the right things...that I didn't need to do that...I was fine the way I was...that we could watch what we were eating together...

But he also said he would support me if I did decide to go back.

So on December 8th, one week after we got married, I rejoined the ranks of Weight Watchers clients.  Believe me, there are lots of things I would prefer to do on a Saturday morning at 9:00 besides go step on a scale and attend a meeting.  Sleep late...make pancakes for breakfast for everyone...sleep late...drink coffee and watch the morning news from the comfort of my bed...

But for almost every Saturday morning over the past 18 weeks, I have dragged myself out of bed, made myself presentable, and gone to Weight Watchers.

And my husband has been right there next to me.
Because he decided after my first few days that he needed the accountability of "doing the program" himself and not just following what I was doing.

And here we are...18 weeks later...with a combined weight loss of almost 50 pounds.

I've lost 23.8 pounds.
And two or three dress/pants sizes.

Brian reached his goal about a month ago.
I've still got 8.6 pounds to go.

It hasn't been easy...

There have been moments of snarling and gnashing of teeth, proclaiming that it is just too hard to stay within my daily number of points...wanting the fresh, hot, greasy french fries instead of the side of fresh fruit with my chicken pita when we eat out or thinking it would be so much easier to pick up a quick order of take-out Chinese food instead of cooking at home.

There have been days when I have chosen to eat something that puts me over my daily allotment of points (darn you jelly beans from someone's Easter four points for a quarter of a cup!!)

But there have been so many more days where I've made the better choices.  Now, instead of Cheetos or potato chips for a snack, I take another serving of fruit in my lunch box.  Apple slices and a wedge of cow cheese makes a perfect afternoon snack.  At one point, Brian proclaimed that he had eaten more fruit during the time we had been doing Weight Watchers than he had eaten in his entire life.  I think we spend about $50/week on fresh fruits at Costco, and we eat every bit of it.

Now, instead of a big bowl of ice cream after dinner...I still have ice cream, but it is a controlled amount and I ALWAYS save those two points so I can have it.  

We plan a week's worth of dinners each weekend and shop accordingly.  On the menu, I write down the points value of each meal we are having so that I can plan the rest of my meals and snacks accordingly.

I do find that I really have to think about what I am eating and weigh the choices...Is that cookie really worth three points?  Can I really afford the four points those Cheetos will cost me?  As for "real" soda, at five points per twelve ounce can...forget it!  I'll drink water, thank you very much.

It's a learning process, retraining our bodies to enjoy the healthier choices and retraining our brains to make those healthier choices.  It takes hard work.  And it has taken the support of Brian doing it with me.  If we hadn't done it together, I probably would have given up after a month or two.

I'm so glad we didn't give up.  Even when it was tough to make the right choices. (which has been a life lesson for our girls too.)

And now I return to my regularly scheduled blogging... regular as it gets these days...  :)

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sandra said...

Good for you both! Darryl and I did first place weight loss program together at church. He lost twice as much as me in half the time but its been nice to do it together!