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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Catches Tadpoles with Alligators...

Last weekend we were in Charleston to spend time with other families from the adoption agency I used almost ten years ago. We have a pretty amazing group of children, if I do say so myself...

Except for one little incident...
Which I'm still shaking my head over...
A whole week later...
And the people I've told about this incident just give me the "You've got to be kidding me" look...
I'm sure you will too!

While at a county park that afternoon, three of the 2003 "Guatemala girls" went traipsing off the the splash pad. They were happy to be together again.

Harmless, right?

Ummm...keep reading...

Brian and I decided that we were ready to head back to the hotel for a nap because we are getting old were just getting over a round of the flu that made its way through our family.  So we gathered up our picnic stuff and headed over to the splash pad to gather up the girl child.

She wasn't there.

Ooookaaaaaay....where is she?

We look beyond the splash pad to a small pond.

A small pond with a dock.

A small pond with a dock behind a sign that says NO SWIMMING.

A small pond with a dock behind a sign that says NO SWIMMING right over a sign that says ALLIGATORS MAY LIVE HERE.

And on that dock?

My daughter. And her two friends..

Not just on that dock, but lying on their bellies with their arms elbow deep in the water and pond weeds, catching tadpoles!!

When I asked what they were doing, the answer from Miss G was "But Momma, we aren't swimming!"

Another one of them assured me they were watching for alligators and would have moved if they saw one.

(Insert shaking of head in utter disbelief and the desire to shake some common sense into my otherwise fairly intelligent child)

So we now call her "She Who Catches Tadpoles with Alligators."
And she hates it.

Hey...she made her bed...


Martha said...

love it. I am laughing out loud only because I know she didn't run into an alligator.

Jennifer said...

Totally sad that Kat wasn't there because I know she would have been up to her elbows right along with them....and I would love to be able to have some name to call her where she would roll her eyes at too! :)