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Sunday, July 21, 2013

4th of July...on the 21st of July

OK, so I'm a little behind.  No surprise lately, right?

I have an and scrubbing and de-cluttering and cleaning and painting and scrubbing and changing a bathroom light fixture and hanging a new bathroom cabinet and have I mentioned cleaning and scrubbing?  

(Have you ever noticed how when you clean one area, you see more dirt and yuck that you haven't noticed before, which leads to more cleaning, which leads to finding more stuff to clean, which leads to yet more cleaning?  Yeah...that was us for the past few weeks...)

All of that work led up to putting our townhouse on the market.  We were officially listed on MLS on July 17th.

So now I can go back to July 4th!  (and the night of July 3rd)


The night of July 3rd

We decided to take everyone to a Knights baseball game on July 3rd.
Fireworks were scheduled for after the game, so we thought it would be a fun family outing.
What we didn't plan for was 9 days of rain beforehand.
And rain the day of...
Right up until after we entered the baseball stadium.
Then, the rain stopped.
The view to my left
My view straight ahead
Proof I was actually there  ;)
There were snacks...lots of snacks...
(I'm not allowed to post the picture of Brian eating his peanuts...insert pouty face here!)

Popcorn--the endless bucket, which got filled twice--and a super salty soft pretzel


Overpriced bottles of water

And let's not forget the cotton candy...

Each of the three girls had her own way of eating her cotton candy...

There was "tear big chunks off and eat them bite by sugary bite" method...

There was the "open mouth, insert cotton candy" method...

Then there was the "eat it so fast that no one has a chance to take a picture of me eating it" method...

There was even some actual watching of the game, in and amongst all the eating.

We were so fortunate that the rain stopped, and stayed away, for the entire evening.
It wasn't hot.
We had good seats.

And we got to see some really good fireworks.
Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to take pictures of fireworks yet.

From the looks of things...we had a successful night at the ball game.

And now July 4th

We had every intention of going to a parade, but the late night at the baseball stadium sort of made everyone sleep late and be lazy the next morning.

We were back to the three of us that afternoon
(well, six if you count the animals, but I'm only counting humans right now...)

We had also planned to participate in the people's parade that G has enjoyed every year.
But, for what ever reason, she changed her mind that afternoon.

We did go down to the town park and listen to a band that was playing.

Upon returning home, we had a "first" planned for G.
Something I had never done with her as a single parent.
We always played it safe and watched the Washington DC fireworks on PBS every year.
Not this year...

She reacted exactly as I knew she would.
Didn't want anything to do with them.
Said she would just watch us.
Twisted her fingers all around and stayed 25 feet away from us.

Brian demonstrated.

I demonstrated.
(but there are no pictures to serve as evidence of that...)

And then we kind of sort of maybe insisted just a little bit that she H-A-D to do 
*just one*

Notice the sparkler being held at the very end by just her fingertips...

And guess what?
She LOVED them!

And grinned and twirled and enjoyed herself and asked for more!
(And Momma had fun trying to take pictures with different settings on the camera in order to capture the moments, just in case you couldn't tell...)

The sad remains of our sparklers...

This was proclaimed our "best Fourth of July ever!"

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