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Monday, July 22, 2013

About Us (Commenting Challenge, Day 1)

I've been a pretty slack blogger lately.  Just a busy season of life with very little down time, and I haven't wanted to spend what little down time I've had sitting in front of the computer.

I miss blogging.

I realized that last night when I finally posted about our 4th of July doings, leaving my husband to clean up a very messy kitchen.  We usually share the cooking/cleaning duties.  If I cook, he cleans.  If he cooks, I clean.  Last night, he cooked...and I he cleaned. (Perhaps that is why he left the nasty hairball for me to clean up this morning?)

Oh...wait...that last pondering makes it sound like HE left the hairball.  Oops.  That would not be correct.  One of the cats left the rather large nasty hairball on the downstairs bathroom floor over night.  Brian just left it for me to clean up.  That's a joy to discover at 6:56 A.M.

Aaaand now that I've lost anyone who might be reading this morning...I should move on to the topic of the day...

About Us

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...or so it seems in my little head...

"Us" was truly what my blog title suggests...
Momma and G and a cat...a family of three.

I was a single mom to my sweet, now 10 year old daughter.  I adopted her at the age of 13 months.

Momma and G
March, 2004

Momma and G
May, 2013

Hannah Cat
AKA "HC" or "Thing 1"
Then we added one more (cat, that is) to become four when Screamer came home with us from my mom and dad's house after Christmas one year.

AKA "BAD CAT!" or "Thing 2"
and several other things I can't post on my family blog  ;)
And I assure you that the above pictures are a true representation of our cats...the princess on her perch and the trouble maker enjoying the results of his mischief.

We cruised along, the four of us...two human and two feline...until last February...when I met Brian...

And his two daughters, M&M...

And the dog
AKA "Dog" or "Thing 3"
And in December, we did this...

So now we are this...

The ONLY picture I have of the five of us!

No longer three or four, but eight--five humans and two felines and one canine.

Life is messy.  
Life is fun.  
Life is certainly not always easy as we find our way.  
Blending two families is hard.  
There are good times and then not-so-good times.  There is work, which all revolves around school...

I am an elementary school teacher, headed back to kindergarten in the fall for the first time in a 
L-OOOOO-N-G time.  Brian is a media relations specialist for our school system.  The girls are in school...rising 7th, 5th, and 4th grades.  

So there are school projects, 
extra curricular activities, 
long days, 
busy evenings, 
weekends that are too short...

Things go by in a blur sometimes.  
Oh, who am I kidding...things go by in a blur most of the time!

But by blogging, I find a few moments to slow down and think about what has been going on in our life.

I started blogging as a way to let family keep up with us.  Then it became more of a journal, keeping up with things we have been doing.  I don't have many followers, and I've probably lost many of them with  my blogging hiatus of recent months.  

That's OK.  
I know my mom reads it. (Hi Mom!)
And Brian reads it too (Hi Brian!  But aren't you supposed to be working?)  
And hopefully you are still reading too (Hi you!  Thanks for reading!)

If you would like to help me out a little bit here...any suggestions for a new blog title?  I desperately need to update things around here.  (I'm not very good at that, but I can muddle through it.)  I just haven't done it because I know I need a new title since we are no longer "Momma and G and the Cat Make 3" and I simply can't think of one.

And now I'm off to read some new blogs through the commenting challenge at Jenna's Journey.  Can't wait to see who's out there!


Sandy Adams said...

I've been a bit of a blog slacker myself lately. This is a good way for me to get back on track!

You've got a lovely family!

Amy said...

Ive been slacking too... Your family is too cute!

Kelly Henderson Keitzer said...

I am stopping by from the commenting challenge. Congratulations on your wedding and now 3 daughters. I can't even imagine!

Kelly @

Kim H. said...

I've been a slacker too -- stopping by from Jenna's Journey. Congratulations on your big family -- Can't wait to read more about it!

Linds said...

hopping over from Jenna's commenting challenge. Nice to "meet" you!

Ashley Williams said...

Just stopping by from Jenna's Journey and I loved reading about your family! I've been in a horrible blog slump too, we hopefully this challenge can help us get out of it!

Ashley said...

Hi! Visiting from Jenna's blog. I'm not good at titles myself so I wouldn't be much help in that area. You do a beautiful family (including pets!). My hubby and I do the cooking/cleaning switch off, too.

Colbert Family said...

Came over from Jenna's Journey! What a sweet family! I'm kind of a blog slacker too! We also adopted!! Just last week!!! I blog at

Laura said...

I LOVED hearing your story! Visiting from Jenna's blog!

Jennifer said...

What a neat story! Love how God blends families together! Enjoy the rest of the summer. Hope you have a great school year when it starts :)

Laura said...

Ha ha, Merrill!! You are too funny {your comment on my blog}. We won't tell Mr. Horton, will we?

Leslie said...

I'm here from Jenna's Journey. I love your story!

Brenna said...

I'm here, too. Your ol' Bloodhound friend. I enjoy reading your posts and have your blog linked to my Feedly reader.
For titles: How about "Momma and G added 3" ? Although that only includes the humans. Or

Sarah said...

What a sweet story your family has! Congratulations to you all! Stopping by from Jenna's Journey! :)

Jackie Koll said...

Enjoyed reading your post - such a great family story! Stopping by from Jenna's Journey.

Jennifer Vanzant said...

haha i love this post! Stopping by from Jennas Journey! Cant wait to read more!

The Lovely One said...

Congratulations on finding love and expanding your family!

(Stopping by from Jenna's comment challenge!)

todell said...

What a great family story you have!! Good luck when you head back to school soon!! I almost cried when I saw the school supplies in Target. I have one more week of vacation left and then it's back to middle school I go!!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading more!!