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Thursday, July 25, 2013

I'm Dreaming of...Christmas in July? (Commenting Challenge, Day 4)

It's July 25th.

That means it is five months until Christmas.

Which means that school starts back in one month. (except that August 25th is a Sunday, so we get to wait until August 26th this year)

But I digress...

What that really means is that it is about four months before I start my Christmas shopping, which is the topic for Jenna's Commenting Challenge this morning.

I don't know about y'all, but at our house...interests change with the wind.  Which means it would be hard to do any early shopping.  And clothing sizes?  Who knows what those will be!  Have you seen how these girls are growing?!?  Yikes!

Besides all of that, my brain is too wrapped up in selling my townhouse and buying a new house that is bigger than the current postage stamp-sized dwelling we currently reside in.  In fact, when I first read the topic of the day, Christmas songs started running through my head.  I love Christmas music.  And I also have a bad habit of changing words to make them suit my mood or need or the moment in time or just to be a pain in the neck and annoy the girl child.  Hee hee!

Cue the music...

First came this...

I'm dreaming of a house showing
Just one that sells our little house
Where the buyer's smitten
And a contract's written
And we can move on down the road...

Then came this...

All I want for Christmas is a bigger house,
A bigger house, yes a bigger house.
Gee if I could only have a bigger house,
Then I could have room for a Christmas...tree!

Ehh.  That one's not as good as the first one.

In all seriousness though, Christmas can be hard for me.  My family has a weird tradition of someone being sick or in some way making Christmas a less than perfect time most every year.  It's kind of a joke now, to see who might win the "rubber chicken award."  And yes, I've been the recipient...maybe once.  (Why is it that teachers can be perfectly healthy for an entire school year, but give us a day or a week off for a holiday and all of our Facebook posts are about being miserably sick???)

Christmas of 2003 was one of the hardest ones for me.  I had spent Thanksgiving of that same year in Guatemala, visiting my sweet baby G. (You can read a little bit about that here.) Adoptions at that time were tenuous at best and the process was painfully slow.  Nothing like it is now, so I am absolutely not complaining about it.  Spending those four days with her made her so much more real.  I hadn't just seen occasional pictures of her.  I had held her in my arms.  I had looked into her deep dark eyes.  I had rocked her to sleep.  I had felt the warmth of her against my body and smelled her sweet baby smell.  And I was so in love with her.  And then I had to leave her there and come wait for the process to finish before I could bring her home.  Which broke my heart.  At Christmas, I was missing her so much, it about did me in.  She, of course, finally came home in March of 2004.  Every Christmas, we traveled to Memphis to be with my family...sometimes two of us, sometimes accompanied by a protesting cat or two.

Then it was Christmas, 2012.  Brian and I were newlyweds.  It was our first Christmas together.  My first Christmas (ever!) away from my family.  I think we both had ideas of the "perfect" Christmas, but didn't know quite how to make that happen.  There was a kitchen disaster, tears, and even a vomit incident.  Hopefully those won't remain part of our Christmas traditions!

So I'm not quite ready to think about Christmas, 2013...for any of the above mentioned reasons.

Although I do know what I want for Christmas this year...besides a bigger house, which I really want for back-to-school instead of having to wait another five months...y'all send some good house selling vibes our way, OK?  Please and thank you.

Oh, and what I want for Christmas?  A stand mixer.  You know, like the Kitchen Aid one?  Never had one.  Always wanted one.  Still dreaming of one.

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sandra said...

I want one, too. Thankfully i am currently madly in live with my immersion blender i got last Christmas. And it takes up less space than the stand mixer. But I still drool over them every time I see one.