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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Favorite Tips? (Commenting Challenge, Day 3)

It's day three of Jenna's commenting challenge. It's a good thing it's summer time and I have the time to sit at my computer and blog hop!  Where does the time go?!?

The suggested topic of the day is favorite ideas/tips from Pinterest...
Umm...about that...I've got a confession...
I have NEVER been on Pinterest.
Not even once.

And cleaning tips?
Cleaning, shmleaning.
Mr. Clean is my best friend...especially his magic erasers.
Those things are truly magic, especially when it comes to my *white* kitchen counters!

(Note to self...and Brian...I would prefer NOT to have white counters in our new house!  Although...Mr. Clean might notice a drop in sales...Sorry Mr. Clean!)

Cooking tips?
Don't have those either.
We have been doing Weight Watchers since December 8th, and that has really changed what we cook and how we cook it.  Combine that with me needing to eat gluten-free, one who drinks almond milk, one who drinks cow milk, and two who like chocolate soy milk in our coffee, one extremely finicky eater, a few who are adventurous eaters, one or two who like spicy food and one who likes unspicy food, a carrot allergy, three different preferences of salad dressing, and flat out refusing to prepare more than one meal at dinner time...It gets a little tricky around here.  But we manage to make it work, serve healthy meals, and lose weight all at the same time!

Organizing tips?
I have dreams of organizing.
I have ideas in my head about organizing in our new house.
But organizing?
Not my cup of tea!

So, if you were hoping for some great tip or idea...I got nothin' for ya.
So sorry!
Well...not really...but it sounded good!  :)

Happy Wednesday everyone!
Hope you have a great day!


lifewiththebs said...

Ha! Love your humor.....maybe you can provide some tips on how to be funny :)

todell said...

I love it. I really think I feel the same way about all the areas you mentioned!!