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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Time for Some Television (Commenting Challenge, Day 2)

Now that my super powers helped me find someone's work phone, I can sit down to think about my favorite TV shows.

The first thing you should know is that we don't have any kind of cable, satellite, etc.
Just plain old network television.
95% of the time, that's ok.

Then there's football season...
when the 10 year old girl child wants to watch her beloved Auburn Tigers lose every single game play.
And most of those games are on ESPN...which we don't have...
So she sits in front of the computer screen and yells at them like an armchair coach watches them on line.
And I might admit to doing the same thing with Vanderbilt...

So, outside of Auburn and Vandy football games, there are just a few favorites that Brian and I enjoy watching once the kitchen is cleaned up, lunches for the next day are prepared, cats are calm, dog is walked, child/children in bed, and we just can't do one more thing...

Parenthood I have watched and loved the Braverman family since the beginning, and I was worried they were going away at the end of last season.  I'm so glad they are returning...on September 26th!  What a perfect birthday present, two days early.  Thank you NBC!  Brian didn't really like this show when he first watched it with me, but I think it grew on him.  We keep talking about going back and watching from the beginning so he can catch up on all the story lines.

Downton Abbey We didn't start watching this until late December or maybe even January, season one on Netflix and the rest on Amazon.  Again...LOVE this show!  I do wish the writers would just let Lady Mary be happy for more than an episode or two.  I mean, she and Matthew were *finally* together, and CRASH...UGH!!! (Note to other Downton fans...Maid to Match is a novel set at the Biltmore Estate and is very much like reading about the downstairs at Downton.  Highly recommend it.)

America's Got Talent I don't know which we enjoy more...the actual contestants or the interactions between the judges.  But, I CAN. NOT. STAND. another sword swallowing act!  Ugh!

Our little guilty pleasure...The Bachelorette  A glass of wine and two hours of heckling on Monday nights during the summer...oh yeah!

We have also been enjoying watching Friends on DVD.  I have seasons one and two.  I think we are about half way through season two.  Guess I need to start looking for season three!  It's so fun to watch a couple of episodes and laugh before bedtime.

My summer morning routine has turned into a bit of quiet time with the dog and two cats surrounding me on the sofa, coffee mug in my hand, and GMA on the television.  Maybe someday I can stand outside with the crowds in New York City and see them in person? (Hint, hint...)

I had so much fun reading lots of different blogs yesterday.  And all the comments here made me a little giddy.  I mean, who doesn't love comments?  Can't wait to read more today thanks to Jenna's Commenting Challenge!


Sandy said...

I love GMA! It's how I start my day every day. I also dream of someday standing in the crowds outside the studio! :)

Superchikk said...

I grew up with no cable, and we didn't even have a working TV for a while. My parents, still to this day, don't have cable! We thought about ditching it, but there's that pesky little issue of football. And my husband would NOT be content to sit in front of the computer screen to watch his beloved Dallas Cowboys.

I do love Downton! I agree - let Mary be happy!

Laura said...

I just got turned on to Downton Abbey last season. At the beginning of summer, I watched season 1 on Netflix. Even Mr. Horton has gotten interested in the show!

Claire Poley said...

I LOVE Parenthood! I started watching on Netflix and wasn't caught up before the last season started. I hope they post it soon so I can start the new season in the fall :)

Brenna said...

Ok, I will comment again. haha

I, too, don't find much of anything really good on TV to watch anymore, except I do have a few favorite shows. I am a fan of Undercover Boss and get caught up in the heart moments. Love it when the boss pays for an employee's college education or year's rent.

I also like CSI: NY and Hawaii Five-0. The suspense and excitement of each case is interesting.

Can't wait for the new fall episodes of these favorites.

Doctor Dani said...

Thanks for the visit yesterday! I'm a cat momma too, and your felines are so cute!

As for TV, I've had a really hard time getting into The Bachelorette this season. I'm not sure why.

Colbert Family said...

I've been watching parenthood on amazon! I love that show!!