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Friday, August 9, 2013

Five on Friday

1.  New yard art...Oh yes, we have become yard art people.  It happened by accident last summer when we got some flowers made of recycled, industrial-sized, tin cans.  Then we added the peacock, as seen here.  And last week while we were in Lake Lure, we discovered something we had to have while driving along the mountain road...Our new dragonfly makes me smile every time I see it.

2.  I really thought I had seen every episode of Little House on the Prairie when I was young.  But as G watches them on DVD, I keep seeing ones that I swear I have NEVER the one she watched this morning with the wild dogs...totally do not remember that one.  And darn it, they still make me get teary-eyed.

3.  We are awaiting our next box from Simply Fresh this morning.  I had heard of them a few times and then there was a Groupon for them earlier in the summer, so we decided to give them a try.  I love having a box of fresh organic produce delivered to our front door once a week!  Some is locally grown and some is not.  We have even discovered a few new things that we enjoy, like kale and chard.  I believe we are getting dandelion greens today.  That is another new thing for me...wonder what they will be like?  I'll let you know...

4.  I'm a little sad that today is our last summer Friday.  Brian goes back to the regular five day work week next week.  G has choir camp next week, so I'll be dropping off and picking up on similar hours to our regular school day.  While she is at choir camp, I will be heading to school so I can start setting up my classroom, although unofficially.  (Our real first day back is the 19th.)

5.  I'm going to be teaching kindergarten this year.  Oh. My. Word....KINDERGARTEN!?!  I haven't taught kindergarten since 1990something.  I can't decide if I'm excited or if I want to run for the hills.  It kind of depends on the day...or the hour...

We have absolutely nothing planned today.  Could be a lazy day.  Could turn into an adventure.  One never knows around here.  Hope it turns into a house showing day, at least one day this weekend!  Send us good house selling vibes, OK?  Please and thank you!  :)

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