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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Taming a Troublesome Toilet and Other (Non)Adventures

The joys of home ownership...

Leaky toilet:  Ended up being an easy fix...after two trips to the hardware store and many wet towels.  The original bolts were rusted into oblivion and disintegrated into a rusty puddle the instant I touched them.  I'm so glad this was an easy fix.  I mean, I knew that more than one trip to the store would be necessary....It always is any time we attempt to do something...But I was so worried about cracking the porcelain after everything I read on line about fixing this particular issue.  My vision went something like this...

Over-tighten new bolts ---> Cracked toilet---> Buy new toilet---> attempt to install---> flood the bathroom---> replace bathroom floor and living room ceiling---> take the house off the market and stay here for ever because we won't have any money left

Yep...That was my vision.
So glad it didn't come true!  (yet...)

Rotting wood trim around the back door:  Fortunately, not our responsibility.  The HOA is responsible for the outside stuff.  That was easy.  Just make the appointment with the repair guy.  He was done in less than an hour...and didn't have to make ANY trips to the store.  Lucky dude...

And since things come in threes, I'm counting the window that won't stay open and needs to be repaired as the third thing.

So we're done with that stuff, right?

I sure hope so.

And now for a sign that universes are colliding or something big is going on...

I caught these two actually TOUCHING while sleeping.  And last night, they were sniffing noses and I'm pretty sure there was the tiniest bit of rubbing against each other that occurred at the same time.

Y'all, this is HUGE!
HUGE, I tell you!
Cookie has been scared of the cats since she first arrived here almost a year and a half ago.
(I can't say I blame her when it comes to Hannah Cat...she has a reign of terror around here...)
Can't you tell?

And a picture that makes me laugh...
Because it looks like Brian photo-bombed my picture of me with the river in the background...

A better picture, minus the river...

Happy Wednesday, y'all!

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