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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Like a Family

Last weekend--when the grown-ups weren't running 10 miles and the three girls were not working on homework or painting their fingernails or singing the Into the Woods soundtrack for the umpteen thousandth time--we ventured up to Asheville, to see the "Dressing Downton" exhibit at the Biltmore Estate.  Brian and I have annual passes and the girls all get in free with us, so outside of gas and an on-the-road meal, it's a relatively inexpensive family outing.

It would have been easier to go as a family of 3.  Less chances of "I'm hungry."  Or "I need to go the bathroom." No discussion over who has to/gets to sit in the way back of the beast van.  ("Has to/gets to" because sometimes no one wants to sit back there while other times everyone wants to.)  It is certainly easier to get out of the house and on the road with just one child...who happens to be an incredibly early riser.  IF--and that's a BIG "IF"--we have to wake her up, we only have to say it once and she is up, dressed, done eating breakfast and feeding the birds, and is hunkered down with a book and her music before I even get one leg into my jeans.  No cajoling or begging or repeating "It's time to get up" needed with her...but I digress...

Family of 5.
That's where I was...

I think everyone enjoyed the house tour with all of the Downton Abbey costumes displayed throughout the house in his/her own way.  Even without the audio guide, it took almost a full 90 minutes.  A little bit of "I'm kind of over this" had started to set in with the younger crowd, but we made it through.  

After our tour, we headed down to Antler Hill Village to wander through the shops and perhaps purchase a bottle of wine from the Winery.  While in one of the shops, I spied some small owls carved out of local stone--little ones and big ones.  

Maybe we should each pick one out as a family souvenir...we already have a refrigerator magnet...and a Christmas tree ornament...and this would be something different...My brain was going and that usually means I've made up my mind to do something...

As I explained to the girls that I wanted them to each pick out a small owl--and that they would not be decorating their bedroom with them or tucking them away in a drawer as happens to so many little "things"--while Brian and I each picked out one off the slightly larger owls, and that I was going to arrange them together somewhere at home, the eldest girl child exclaimed, "Oh!  Like a family!"

Like a family.
Which this day was...a family day.
Those days are hard to come by some weekends that we are all together, a family of five.
But they do happen.
And they seem to happen more often now than before.
Sometimes it is two steps forward, one step back.
Sometimes it feels like tiptoeing on very thin ice.
Sometimes it is a whirlwind of activity.
Sometimes it all just gels and is easy.
Or as easy as it can be.

So, while it might have been easier to go on a weekend that is a family of three weekend, I was glad we made the choice to go last a family of five...OUR family.

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