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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Man Down!

I'm still fairly new at this marriage thing. In fact, tomorrow will mark three years since our first face-to-face meeting. If you want the "how we met" story, you can Click here.

Now, you know the stereotypical sick man, right?  Basically categorized as a wimp?  Well, I hadn't ever really experienced it because, fortunately, my husband is a pretty healthy man...even with all the nasty coughs and colds and other general yucky ness I bring home from the germ factory school.

That all changed early Sunday morning...and sounded something like this...

Roll over
Me: Are you ok?
Man Down: Nooooooo.
Cough like a lung is coming up
Curl up in a ball
Stretch back out
Moan, groan, sigh, cough, whimper, whine, repeat.

Temp: 100.4
Ok. Enough to not feel good. Enough to qualify as sick. Not worthy of Last Rites though.

I listened to this sound effects reel as I was getting dressed and ready for church. And I finally stuck my head out of the bathroom...

"You really are not helping the case for sick men right now."

I'm pretty sure I got the stink eye from under the corner of the bed sheets.

I trundled three girls off to Sunday school and church. Worry set in when I didn't get any text messages at all during that time.

Disclaimer: I am generally NOT a proponent of texting while praying, and would not have replied to a text if one had arrived during the service. But this is a man who texts me All. The. Time. So to not get any texts from him whatsoever over a four hour span of time...something was definitely wrong.

He was sick. Some fast moving bug with high fever and lethargy had bitten him...hard.
Thankfully, he seems to be on the other side of it now.
Not so thankfully, he seems to have shared it.
Pass the Advil and another glass of Cranberry Sprite, would you?
Mom's down!

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