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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Tabula Rasa

Ice, ice baby!

HA!  How many of you just heard "bum baba bum bum bum bum" in your head?

You're welcome!  :)

Yeah, here in the south, that's what we had this, ice baby.

And it brought our fair "Queen City" to a grinding halt for 24 hours.

Because, y'all...we Just. Can't. Handle it.

Mention the "s" word (snow) or ice...
And your audience will be gripped with fear.  You can see it in their eyes.  You can smell it on their breath...
And then...
Go see how much bread and milk is left on the grocery store shelves.

Really, it's quite the phenomenon.

But not me.
Not this time.
Uh uh.
No gluten free bread and soy milk run for me!

I headed straight for the store and bought Piranha!

No, no, no.  Not the flesh eating, fishy kind.
The kind that removes wallpaper, silly.

And instead of binging on more Parenthood...
Or delving into one of the many books I want to read...
Or taking a nap...

I scraped wallpaper off my kitchen walls.
I scraped.
And I scraped.
And Brian moved the stove and the fridge so I could scrape some more.

And now...
my kitchen is a blank slate.
A veritable tabula rasa!
The possibilities are endless!

And I don't know where to start.

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