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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Where Did It Go?

This was a weekend as a family of five.

It went something like this...

G had choir rehearsal on Friday afternoon.  (Let it be known that I despise Friday afternoon choir rehearsal.). So I flew out of school, picked her up, and made the mad dash uptown to arrive at church by the skin of our teeth.

Meanwhile, Brian made the cross-county trek to pick up M&M.  Add in a trip to Target and a stop at the grocery store and he finally arrived home in time to start dinner...but only after feeding the "zoo" that resides at our house.

Dinner should have been was pasta. Easy, right?
Not with this crew.
One eats only plain pasta, topped with butter and mounds of Parmesan cheese.
One eats gluten free pasta and wanted an Alfredo sauce on this particular night.
Two more don't particularly care, as long as dinner is served. They eat whatever we have to offer...sometimes in large quantities.
One decided that he wanted red sauce with Italian sausage.  And since he was cooking...
So much for an easy dinner...

Clean up from dinner, scoop a couple of litter boxes, clean up after the prednisone-taking dog, ensure a few showers are taken...time to crawl in bed and pass out. excited that the Saturday morning race starts at 9:00 and isn't very far away. Sleeping until 7:00 on a Saturday morning is almost unheard of these days. It was such a luxury!

Saturday morning was a 5k run.
Home to shower and get dressed for the rest of the day...which didn't go quite as planned.

My "momma van" had an appointment at 1:00 for its first five thousand mile service.  You would figure out in no more than an hour, allowing for fact that it is indeed a Saturday, which would leave plenty of time for other things.

Wrong.  So wrong you are.

At 4:00 they were closing up the service department with no sign of my van.  One unhappy momma was pacing and on the edge of losing my mind while one unhappy husband/dad was at home getting more and more aggravated. Divide and conquer became the theme of the rest of the afternoon.

My part of it was: FINALLY get my van back, drop a few things off at the storage unit, and hit Costco...without my list, before heading home to the hungry beasts that tried to attack when I came in the front door with a Costco chicken.

The man's part of the afternoon was: go buy a new pair of running shoes (with three girls in tow)...only to arrive at the first store to be told "We've been out of shoes since Christmas. Check back in a few weeks. We should be getting our shipments soon."  HUH? A running store with no running shoes?  Yikes!  Fortunately he went to another (small, local business...thank you Run For Your Life!!) and found what he wanted.  Then to finish his afternoon...drop the older M at a friend's house for a sleepover, pick up dinner at a teeny tiny BBQ shack (since the long service appointment meant no
Betty Crocker meal was going to be whipped up at our house), and arrive home with dinner and two girls to a very hungry wife.

I'm pretty sure I fell asleep while the girls watched "Gilligan's Island."

There ends Saturday.

Sunday dawned with a sick husband...fever and upset stomach.  So off I went with G and the younger M to pick up the older M from her sleepover and head to church.  Home briefly for lunch, and to toss a few loads of laundry in the wash.  M&M went home.  G and I took off again, back to church, for Evensong, which is why she had choir rehearsal on Friday.

And here I the church lobby.

I should have been running errands, grocery shopping for the week ahead.
I should have been grading papers.
Or writing lesson plans.

I would have liked to have gone for a run. Not that that was ever in the plan...but a girl can dream.

I've been on Facebook. 
I've crushed some candy.
I've checked email.
I've chatted with a few other choir parents. 
I've worried about my husband, sick at home. 
I've read some blogs...oh how I've missed reading blogs!
I've fully recounted my weekend.

And I've contemplated time.
But that's a blog post in and of itself.

Where did the weekend go?

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