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Saturday, February 14, 2015

You want to do WHAT?!?!

Hello! Guest blogger here. It’s the Man. It’s He. It’s Brian. Merrill has let me to take over her given me the privilege to blog for a moment. She may not know what she has allowed, but I promise to keep it in line with her posts.

All kidding aside. As you may know, Feb. 2012 changed our lives forever. This single dad with two daughters, affectionately known as M&M, met via internet dating the most beautiful and loving mother of one daughter, G. There were also two cats and a dog that came along. Since then, there has been a lot of learning by both of us to figure this thing of blended marriage out. You all know this by now.

I have also had to learn about adoption from G, now my daughter who affectionately refers to me as My Brian, and of course Merrill. “What do you mean the bananas need to be from Guatemala?” A banana is a banana. What is the proper term to use to describe children, adopted, bio or what? In my struggles I have learned…A LOT. It’s a struggle, but one that I knew was there when we met. Sometimes, I feel like I go backwards only to come out ahead. In mid-January, I came out way ahead.

Now that you are caught up, I will begin to explain the title of this post. That was Merrill’s reply to a text I sent her. That may be an exaggeration. I believe the real answer was silence. As she explained a few posts earlier, the two have us have been running since late spring last year. It has been great to get the exercise and push my body to extremes like it hadn’t experienced before.

Well this year, I am pushing my body to an extreme that is way beyond anything I could ever imagine.

Remember a couple paragraphs up when I mentioned about mid-January and coming out way ahead? That is when Merrill made a comment about sponsoring a child in Guatemala to go to school cost $360/year. It’s not free like it is here in the United States. There is a group in the Lake Atitlan area called Mayan Families that sponsors these children to go to school. They do wonderful work providing opportunities and assistance to the indigenous and impoverished people of Guatemala through education and community development programs. I wanted sponsor a child, but I also wanted to do more than just give money.

Born from this want came 1,560 Miles for Mayan Families. That is the name of my yearlong awareness/fundraising opportunity. 1,560 miles…That is the distance I will run in 2015 to create awareness for the work that Mayan Families does. It is the equivalent distance of running from our home in North Carolina to Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Reading about the work they do has been eye-opening.  The problems that are prevalent in Guatemala for the indigenous people are enormous.

This is my story on the fundraising and Facebook page that describes so well why I am doing this: 1,560 miles…Why am I doing this? My wife, Merrill, adopted her daughter from Guatemala and brought her home in 2004. What awaited her future in Guatemala? We don’t know. Fast forward to 2012. I became a part of this beautiful mother-daughter relationship. During this time my awareness of Guatemala and the challenges it faces has grown. If there is one thing I can do, I can try to help as many children through this fundraising opportunity.

It will be hard to accomplish this goal. I need to commit a lot of time, energy and sweat. I would love to have you come along the journey for 1,560 Miles and ultimately raise the awareness of what I am doing and more importantly what Mayan Families is doing. Share the news and the links any chance you can. The fundraising link will be on the left side of the blog all year. I update the Facebook page often, so it doesn’t sit stale.

So, before I get too blustery for all of you, I guess I need to wrap this up. I look forward to having you join me. Merrill, you may regain control of the blog. Or, as they used to say on TV when a sporting event ran long, you will now join the regularly scheduled program in progress.

***Oh, the answer to “What do you mean the bananas need to be from Guatemala?” It means a lot. And gosh darn it, I bought Guatemala bananas this and this was the text response from G when I told her, “Yaay!” Her excitement and happiness, that is the reason it matters for me.***

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