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Sunday, October 18, 2015

My Challenge to You

I've written so many blog posts in the last four my head...while pounding out the many miles I have put in, training for the Marine Corps Marathon (which is in 7 days, if you're wondering!).  None of those posts ever made it here, which makes me sad because I've lost those thoughts somewhere out there on the greenways of our city.

There was the fact that my computer completely died and I chose not to do anything about it until mid July.  And what a saga that was.  I'll spare you the details.  But by the end of July, all of that was resolved.

Then it was August.  And we all know what August means...back to school time.  I moved my 20+ years of teaching materials into yet ANOTHER room (that makes 9 times in the last 6 years) and went back to kindergarten after a year of third grade.  I can't tell y'all how happy I am to be back in kindergarten!  Anyone who thinks it's easy...come spend a day with'll change your tune, I guarantee it!  But I love it!

And now it's October.

I've run hundreds of training miles.  My computer is fixed.  I've settled into the new school year, new classroom, and new grade level once again.  And I'm facing one of the biggest challenges I've ever faced next Sunday...completing a marathon...26.2 miles...on the streets of Washington, D.C.  And I can't wait!  Isn't that nuts?

The Husband, Brian, has been out there training for the same marathon.  He has put in as many miles as I have  And suffered through the moving of my classroom and the start of another school year with me.  But he has been working towards another goal, too...raising money for Mayan Families.

Mayan Families is a non-profit organization in Guatemala, the country where G was born.  Their mission, as you can read on their web site is:  "to facilitate enduring, sustainable programs that promote community development. Our objective is to stimulate long-term progress through school sponsorships, health initiatives, vocational training and microfinance while providing emergency services to those in critical need. We aim to empower and collaborate with each community we work with to create lasting positive growth."

Also from their website..."Did you know that Guatemala has one of the highest illiteracy and lowest school enrollment rates in Latin America? This is primarily due to the high cost of attending school which prevents many indigenous families from receiving an education."

The school year in Guatemala runs from January through October, unlike our August/September through May/June.  I recently saw photographs from a preschool "graduation" from one of Mayan Family's preschools.  Y' of those precious little ones could have been my sweet girl when she was four or five!  And, as a kindergarten teacher in a Title 1 school that has a high ESL population, I see the benefits of early intervention/preschool/early learning initiatives Every. Single. Day.

So here is my challenge to you, my friends far and wide...will you join me in supporting my husband's fund raising efforts for Mayan Families?  Do it in memory of one of your favorite teachers.  Do it in honor of a loved one.  Do it because your kiddos are warm and safe at home with nutritious food to eat.  Do it in thanksgiving for that special teacher that has touched your child's life in a meaningful way.

I'm starting the donations with $ dollar for each mile I will complete in the Marine Corps Marathon next Sunday.

For each of my friends that donates, I will carry you with me along the 26.2 mile route.  I am planning to print out and laminate everyone's names, and affix them my fuel belt.

You can donate by visiting Brian's Everyday Hero site...1,560 Miles for Mayan Families.  If each of our friends gave just $10, we would surpass his goal and support the education of 14 children for a year...that's a whole preschool classroom full of giggles and learning and smiles!

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