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Thursday, March 24, 2016

A New Running Buddy

Several weekends ago, the "mean parents" "forced" two of the girls to get out of the house and walk the greenway with us. The third one was excused from the outing...since she was not home at the time.  We got a good amount of pushback...cries of homework and reading and wrong shoes were heard. There might even have been some pouting and some stomping of feet. But we held strong and made them go. Later on, there were smiles and good moods and even some laughing and admission of enjoyment.

Fast forward to a few days later, I went running after school. When I got home, G asked me if I had been running where we had gone walking the previous weekend. I confirmed that, yes, that was where I had been running. What followed might have left me gaping like a goldfish...

G:  Well....I was thinking....that seemed like a good place to ride my bike. I could ride and you could run. It could be, like, you know, together time. Bonding time. 
Me: Umm. Uhhh. You are right. It would be a great place to ride a bike. But your bike is too small for you now. 
G:  Oh. Yeah. You're probably right about that...(pause)...We could buy a new one!
Me: We could. But that costs money. 
G: Yeah...That's true...(pause)...I could use my birthday money!
Me: Yes. Yes you could. (In my head..."WHAT the HECK is happening here?!?  Who is this girl standing in front of me actually suggesting not only physical activity, but also using her OWN MONEY for it???)
And then...
G:  But books...what about books?  That could be a problem...(long pause)...Oh wait!  I have a Barnes and Noble gift card!  I could still get books!  Books and a bike!  That sounds like fun!

I figured the idea would fizzle out, but she asked again and again and again...
So finally, we shopped around for bikes.
And she found one she liked. 
So we bought it. 
And then we finally got a helmet
And Tuesday night we took the bike out for its maiden voyage through our neighborhood. 
As it turns out, she rides at a pretty good speed for me to be able to run alongside her. 
And we could talk while she rides and I run.  
And it was so much fun...for both of us. 

I can't wait for a longer jaunt together!

I'm still wondering if she chose her purple choir shirt because it matches her purple bike!  :)

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