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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Happy It's Spring!

So here it is...the first day of Spring!

And it's cold.
And grey.
And not very Spring-like.

But the last few weeks have felt like Spring.
The trees are budding.
There have been tulips and daffodils blooming.
Best of all...There has been days full of sunshine!

I have realized something since the beginning of January...
I am NOT a fan of winter running.
Not.  At.  All.
It's cold, which means lots of layers and warm stuff...

Cupid's Cup 5K in February
It's dark...And I don't like running in the dark.
Plus, my running partner, AKA my husband, lost his running mojo after the Marine Corps Marathon last October.
So when I did run, I was mostly alone, with the exception of a few weekend races.

This one might have been one of my favorites in the last two months because of some of the course spectators...
plus it is along a route that I really enjoy running.
Then, I started coaching a Girls on the Run group at school. (Which I am really enjoying!)
And we started having more daylight after school. (Which makes me happy!)
And my running partner slowly began to find his running mojo. (Which makes me really happy!)

Shamrock 4 Miler last weekend
And we are off an running. (Which I LOVE!)

Also Shamrock 4 Miler last weekend
Elizabeth 8K this past weekend
Also Elizabeth 8K this past weekend, with Sir Purr at the finish line
I have muddled through 100 miles of my 1000 mile goal for this year.  So I'm a little behind.  But I think I can manage it.  Especially with more hours of daylight after school, the warming of the temperatures, and my running partner coming back to life.

Oh, and the fact that we have committed to another marathon!
We are keeping it local this time...which means no traveling is necessary.
It's not until November...which means that we have plenty of training time.
And this is our second time, so we know more of what we are facing.

One of our biggest challenges revolves around time...neither one of us is particularly what you might call a "morning person."  Plus, we both have to be at work around 7:00.  That means early morning running is out of the question.  So, we have to run after work.  And that, my friends, means we get home late.  Which means that dinner time at our house is later than most.  We try to be proactive by planning ahead, planning relatively simple meals, and having everything we need already at home. It can be a challenge trying to find those "simple" meals, while also meeting the likes, desires, and dietary needs of everyone.  It's not always perfect, and plans get derailed sometimes by life, babysitting, choir or orchestra, and the occasional missing ingredient.

This week's menu looks like this:
Saturday:  BBQ chicken pizza (we found a pretty good pre-made gluten free crust!) and corn (the corn was a joke and a nod to school lunches everywhere!)
Sunday:  Pasta (gluten free for me and regular for the other two), meat sauce, and a green veggie of choice*
Monday:  rotisserie chicken and a green veggie of choice* (Mondays are really late because of choir school for the girl child)
Tuesday:  chicken and rice casserole (from the leftover rotisserie chicken) and the last green veggie of choice*
Wednesday:  veggie tacos (with sautéed squash, zucchini, mushrooms, and red onion)
Thursday:  Grab what you can find...we have to be at church by 6:30!

Green veggies of choice consist of kale, green beans, and asparagus this week.
And there is fruit every night.

This week's running schedule looks like this:
Saturday:  Elizabeth 8K
Sunday:  Rest day
Monday:  I have GOTR, and then will hopefully meet Brian for a few more miles while Gloria is at choir.
Tuesday:  I have GOTR, and I can usually get a few more mile done after that.  Brian has to work late, so boo!
Wednesday:  Rest day
Thursday:  an extra rest day since we will be at church for Maudy Thursday.
Friday:  I'm hoping for a run sometime during the day...there is no school, so maybe after church on Good Friday!
Saturday:  There might be a Bunny Run 5K, or else just a Merrill and Brian run 5K during the day...that is still to be determined.

I am putting this all "out there on the interwebs" to give us a little accountability, I hope.

Happy eating!
Happy running!
Happy Spring!

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