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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Marathon Training, v. 2.0

Monday was the official beginning of the marathon training plan that we are using in preparation for the Charlotte Marathon in November...
Which will then be followed by the Tobacco Road Marathon in March...
What were we thinking?!?

We both perused several different plans but settled on one that has three training runs each week, combined with two days of cross training--biking is specifically suggested, hence the bicycle purchases last weekend.  It is also a 24 week plan, which means that I can do a good amount of training over the summer.  (5 more school days if anyone is interested!)

Monday was supposed to be a "rest" day.
We kinda' failed at that since we spent a good amount of time hiking at the new-to-us greenway.

Tuesday was a 3 mile "easy" run.
I had to go right after school because G had an extra choir rehearsal that evening.
And it was hot.
The kind of hot that saps the energy right out of you and makes you start to sweat the second you put your little baby toe, much less your entire self, outside the front door!
Fortunately I didn't look at the temperature until *after* I finished my 3 mile slug-fest.
Even running in the shade didn't help.

I'm pretty sure this was my SLOWEST 3 mile run EVER...
But it was done.

The only reason my face isn't totally tomato red is because Brian called me just as I was about to snap a picture when I finished my run...

Wednesday called for a 30 minute bike ride.  We waited for G to get home so that she could ride with us.  

I have to admit, it has been a loooooong time since I rode a bike.  
So I'm still getting used to riding again.  
And bikes these days are so much fancier than the were when I was growing up. 
(That makes me sound OLD!  But it's true!)
But I am enjoying far...probably because it's new and different. 
It shakes up the us some variety.
And I felt so free, riding the greenway, the wind whipping through my hair over my helmet.

I love my helmet.
It's colorful and fun.
G is jealous that I have the "fun" helmet.
But I hate my helmet.
I don't like hats.
(It took me a long time to get used to wearing a visor while running.)
My head gets hot and sweaty.
I don't get to feel the wind whipping through my hair.
There's a strap under my chin!  
But I will grudgingly wear it because it's the safe thing to do.
And it sets the right example for my daughter.
And because my husband told me that it was a non-negotiable if I wanted to ride a bike.

At least it's the "fun" helmet in the family...

Today was supposed to be a 3 mile run again.
But there was thunder.
And rain.
And lightening.
And that made me stay home.

Friday is a rest day.

Saturday calls for a "long" run of 6 miles.  
We are planning to run in a 10K race that is taking place on the greenway that we frequently run, and now ride, on.
Call it a long run with planned course support!

I'm really excited about this next marathon training season...
I've run a marathon.
I know what it's like.
I know I CAN finish.
I know where I fell down in my training last time.
I want to do better in training.
I want to do better in the marathon.
So bring it on!

Stay tuned for more to come!

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